wholesale holistic jewelry What is better to sell in the small county night market?

wholesale holistic jewelry

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  1. jewelry wholesalers albuquerque 1. Jewelry category

    sunshade, small bracelets, small necklaces, bracelets, earrings, head ropes, hair clips, silk scarf embroidery, etc. As long as the product looks good, it is not a problem with special sales.

    2, toys

    Children's toy sales are generally very large, because when they come out to visit the night market, many people will bring their children, and children’s Toys are essential, electric toys, plush toys, various dolls, plastic toys, etc.

    3, home supplies

    some small tools used at home, kitchenware products are also very good, such as kitchen bottles and cans, tableware, tableware, chopsticks Wait, in addition, the storage bag, the storage box is also a good sales of goods. Some people make a storage box alone. It is no problem to make 10,000 yuan a month a month.

    The furniture cleaning supplies, magic rubbing, loofah branding, wiping cloth, detergent, etc. also seem to be very good.

    4, food fresh fruit

    In on the streets of China, how can you eat less? Baking skewers, stinky tofu, popcorn, cold noodles, juice, etc., everything is available.

    5, game category

    has some small game stalls in the night market, such as fishing, shooting balloons, marbles, etc. These mini games are particularly attractive Children, ordinary parents will also have a good time with their children! There are even rotating Trojans.

    6, bags

    zipper bags, handbags, backpacks, wallets, etc. online wholesale online wholesale is very cheap, especially in Hebei Baigou bag Including industry base.

    7, clothing shoes

    The temperament of this stall, full

    For example, selling T -shirts beach pants in summer, 2 pieces of 50 yuan, 100 yuan 5 pieces, just price, go to the factory or wholesale stall entrance into the foreign trade T -shirt, cheap you to shock your chin.

    This Solding sandals in summer, selling cotton towers in winter, the business is also good.

    The 10 yuan 10 pair of socks can also be released.

    8, clearance products

    Is as long as you can get inventory products, there is no worry about the launch of the night market at the ground stall. Last year, a friend wholesale 500 jeans on the website (bought on Taobao strictly) is some broken coded women's pants, 15-20 yuan a one, and the quality is very good. The city's night market set up stalls, 100 yuan, and the same as crazy, all the time was sold out for a few days.

    9, bedding

    several pieces of bedding, bed sheet, bed cover, pillow sleeve, summer mats, mosquito nets, etc. There are bamboo mats cushions, cold pillows, etc.

    10, electronic product category

    Sales category.

    The place where the stalls are purchased. You can refer to the "wholesale market information" I wrote. It is very convenient, eliminating the trouble of buying far away. As long as you choose good products online, you can get the goods directly through express logistics, which is very convenient.

  2. wholesale jewelry charms los angeles Small county night market stalls do not have to sell various crafts or small accessories. In fact, selling some fruits and various specialty snacks should be loved and favored, and they can also have good income.
    1, crayfish

    This crayfish can be regarded as a single show in the snack industry. The price of crayfish this year can be described as unprecedented and cheap. Curustim was generally spicy, garlic, and thirteen incense, each of which is unable to stop.

    2, fruit

    The nutrition, low calories, very popular, but one thing, fruit is used to set up a selling point, recently the snack industry is very popular Fruit booths are operated like this. Wash and cut all kinds of fruits and cut them out. Let the diners choose themselves.

    3, barbecue

    The barbecue has always been the handle of the snack industry. It is difficult for a person to operate independently, and someone needs to help, and it is relatively cautious to choose.

    4, milk tea

    not only to eat snacks, but also drinks. In the summer, there are more popular drinks. In addition to the happy water, what else can you get milk tea? Low thresholds, high profits, and good taste are milk tea.

    5, rock sugar gourd

    rock sugar gourd can be regarded as the deliciousness on the tongue of children. A type of crowd that cannot be ignored on the night market is children, and selling rock sugar gourds is also the best for operators. Convenient, do not need to be made on the spot, do it at home in advance, just collect money in the night market, you can really earn it.

  3. wholesale tagua jewelry Fried skewers, stinky tofu, and sugar gourds are all possible, not much investment, and the profit is also objective, just tired, come on

  4. wholesale western boot jewelry If you set up a stall in the small county town, it should be the best for barbecue, because the sales volume is good, and there are more people who eat

  5. wholesale gold filled jewelry findings The stall economy was hot overnight.

    I personally support it, because it can not only solve the work of urban operators, but also solve the problem of consumption of low -income people. It is also very suitable to subsidize home use as a sideline.

    Therefore, I think that the stall economy is not only stimulating the stock, but also bringing new increments.

    What is good to sell in the small county? It must be used by some commonly used. You can accept it, and you can buy it without any consideration.

    of course, the first is to eat. It's summer, barbecue, skewers, beer, getting it, grilled fish and the like, cool wind, cool, I want to go back to the ground.

    The second, daily products, such as clothes, shoes and socks, children's products, etc.

    third, entertainment services; entertainment activities for family or couples

    Fourth, children's entertainment and related training, such as skating, trampoline, music and other skills related training Waiting for

    This in the face of bad environment, we all have to find a way and take the initiative, but complain, because fundamentally, you can change your destiny yourself.

    The physical stores cannot wait for it, because the traffic is getting less and less, and only new methods are continuously explored, and new technical means and new infrastructure can create better performance.

    In the era of the media, live broadcast, traffic has often turned online, and there is time to drain online, content monetization, form a community, and transform.

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