25 points diamond ring price

How about buying a 25 -point diamond ring for a proposal diamond ring? How much does the price of 25 -point diamond ring cost? What brand is good?

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  1. The significance of diamond ring is the most important. The size of the diamond depends on your wallet. The girl who really loves you will not care too much about this. If you buy a better 25 -point diamond ring shopping mall, it will take about 10,000. As a girl, I will recommend proposal with Darry Ring more. Each man can only buy the only Darry Ring with his ID card. Each ring has the only code, which means "the only true love for life". The official website of Derry Jewelery is inquiring anytime, anywhere, and feels very romantic! Proposal, the most important thing is to let the other party understand your determination to love her, so that she can rest assured to give you her happiness! Come on

  2. The 25 -point diamond ring depends on what quality you choose. The diamond ring will not vary depending on the brand. It depends on its 4C quality, that is, the size, color, cutting, and clarity. Depending on the quality, the price has been available from more than 3,000 to six thousand. You can consider customization of naked diamonds. According to your needs, you can choose diamond quality and precepts. Baidu understand, there are many styles and quotations in it

  3. The quality of diamonds is mainly for its 4C level. The higher the quality, the more expensive the price. The 4C of the diamond refers to the size, color, clarity, and cutting of the diamond.
    has divided into: D, E, F, G, H, I, I, J, K, L, M, n. Essence Essence Z
    The clarity is divided into: if, VVS1, VVS2, VS1, VS2, SI1, SI3, I1, i2, i3
    VG, G, F, P
    25 points diamond ring price, if there is only size, there are no other parameters, it is still difficult to determine. The landlord will give you a few other aspects to help you, that is, the clarity, color, cut work, etc., and the material that is selected by the precepts. If it is customized by a bare diamond. The lowest does not require 2300. About 6,000.

  4. Diamonds have 4C standards, carats are only one of the factors that affect prices, and they are also important for clarity colors to cut work. The diamond ring of Zhou Shengsheng's family is relatively beautiful, but the price is relatively expensive. The small one is basically tens of thousands. It is recommended to see the diamond ring of the trendy Hongji family. There are many styles and a heavy design sense. Young people should like it.

  5. The diamond ring includes the good or bad of the diamond and the precepts. It has nothing to do with the brand. It is recommended to go to Dacheng Jewelry to take a look at the owner.

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