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  1. My name is Li Tao. At the age of sixteen this year, people say that the sixteen years old is the flower season, but I don't feel the beauty of the flowering season. Because I am a disabled person. I have known that I am different from others since I was a child. No one is willing to play with me, because I do n’t speak clearly, my face is a bit distorted, and I live. In the eyes of others, I look like a alien. rn  rn  记得七岁的时候,看到小伙伴们在玩游戏,我高兴的跑过去,可是有一个男孩却对我说:“我们不和你玩,你太吓人了, How do you generate you like this! "Other children looked at me like watching monsters. I turned around and ran home all the way. My mother saw a gray soil and tears, and pulled me in distress and asked, "Taoer, what's wrong with you, how do you do this?" I cried and asked, "Mom, why do you generate me like this Why are I not like my sister and brother? The children do not play with me, saying that I like a monster! Mom, why is this like this?! "Mom burst out after hearing it. She didn't speak, but just talked about me, but just talked about it. Hold tightly in my arms, holding me silently with tears.

    The little at that time, I didn't know anything at that time. In a word of children, I wrote down, and I was a little resentful in my heart, complaining that she gave me this. At the age of ten, I heard that my mother told a relative that my illness was because when I was pregnant with me, what medicine I took caused me now. My heart was not particularly not tasteful. Why is my mother so careless, my sister is beautiful, my brother is healthy, why do I just like this! Blame her, now I look like this kind of ghost!

    , although my mother still hurts me so much, loves me, a little more than my sister and brother, but I just can't turn my heart. I became more and more lonely, I don't like to talk, no friends. I desperately study, I am at the top of the school, I am always the first place in the class. Every time I send a prize in school, I have my name. Looking at their eyes, I will find a little balance in my heart. But I am not happy at all. I have no friends, no partners, and I am always alone in school. These are the faults of my mother, and I am getting colder and more indifferent to my mother. She knows my mind, she doesn't say anything, but she just loves me and cares about me, but I think it should be reasonable and never grateful to her.

    Until graduating from junior high school, I admitted to the best high school in the city with excellent results. The family was very happy, especially her mother. She smiled all day. In order to make enough tuition for me, my mother rode a tricycle to deliver the goods. One afternoon, the neighbor suddenly came to me and said to me, "Tao, hurry up, your mother is in a car accident, what about the hospital, you go!" I hurriedly called my dad and rushed to the hospital. When I arrived at the hospital, my mother was first aid in the operating room. I was suddenly scared, and I was afraid to lose my mother. After a while, Dad came and asked me, "How is it?" I said, "I don't know yet," I looked at it in the operating room for a while, and squatted next to the wall next to it. Knowing that Dad must be particularly anxious, their relationship has always been very good. Dad is working, everything at home is working.

    The door of the operating room was opened. A nurse came out of the inside and said, "Is Chen Mei's family?" Dad quickly stood up and said, "Here, in, my wife, my wife How is it? "" She lost too much blood and was rescued, but the type A blood in the blood bank was not enough. Who did you lose a little? "After listening, Dad immediately lifted his sleeve and said," I am a type A, smoke me, I pump me, and I smoke me. Yes! "Dad went in with them. I was standing outside the operating room, and my heart was full of questions. I took the exam a few days ago. I just checked it. I was O -type blood. Why is my parents A type A blood? Is it the result of my medical examination? Intersection Intersection Intersection

    In half an hour, the mother was pushed out and was out of danger. In the ward, I sat by my mother's bed and watched a drop of potion in the infusion bottle in a daze. I couldn't help but finally ask my dad what was going on. "Dad ..." I yelled, but I didn't know what to say. Dad looked at me and said, "Is there anything wrong? What's wrong?" I asked, "You and your mother are both type A blood?" "Yeah, what's wrong?" Dad asked me. "Then why is I am O -type?" I asked.

    Mad dad stunned after listening, and then didn't speak, turned his head and looked at his mother. When I saw that he didn't speak, he asked "Dad, do you say, why?" Dad turned his head and looked at me, and then said, "Okay, I tell you, you are also an adult, you should let you let you let you let you make you I know. "I listened, my heart was stunned, and she really had something to hide from me. Dad went on to say, "Tao, in fact, you are not my mother and your mother's biological son, and you picked it up by your mother." Dad stopped for a while and said, "Sixteen years ago, your mother and I was in the north in the north. When you work in the city, your sister was only three years old. One night, your mother came home from work. At an intersection, I saw a basket on the ground. When I approached, I was lying in a child. The winter in the north was cold. Early, your frozen little face was purple, and the sound of crying was gone. If your mother looked around, no one, so he shouted on the road: Who is this child? But, no one cares about She. It was abandoning the baby!! She understood! She looked at the child, sighed helplessly, and turned to leave. At this time, you suddenly cried, the voice was so small, so weak. Your mother couldn't help but look back again. She hugged you, and your eyes stared at her like that. She pulled your little hand, cold and cold, and if she was still here, she would be frozen to death. Holding you back home. After a month, I found that you were a bit wrong. We took you to see the doctor. Only then did you know that you were sick and cerebral palsy. The doctor said that it might be caused by taking medicines that you ca n’t eat when you were pregnant. From then on, your mother hurts you even more. When you were a kid, you would n’t walk, you ca n’t speak. Your mother does n’t go to work. He holds hands at home and teaches you to learn to walk. Do you know? When you called her the first mother, she cried ... "

    The words of my father, I was stunned! I am not my mother's biological son! I am not my mother's biological son ... I cried, I walked to my mother's bed, pulled my mother's hand, I slapped my face twice, and then lay on my mother and cried. After a while, my mother woke up and saw my face full of tears, and said, "Taoer, what's wrong? Mom is okay, don't be sad." After that, he wiped me tears, and I grabbed her hand and said: "Mom, I know, I'm wrong! I'm wrong! I'm sorry for you! I still blame you in my heart, I'm really not a human!" Mom turned his head and glanced at his father, his father smiled and nodded, and the mother would Understood. She wiped me tears and said, "Tao, it's okay, you are a good son of the mother, always the mother's son, the mother's Taoer is the best!" I couldn't say a word with my mother.

    I is so happy! There is the best mother in the world, I must study hard and repay her later!

    M mother's love we can never repay. Everyone must cherish the time with my mother. I wish the mother in the world forever

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