5 thoughts on “Can buying gold now keep its value?”

  1. Holding gold can resist hyperinflation in the short term, but it can not resist general inflation
    for example, when China opened gold and silver trading in the 1980s, gold was only about 80 yuan per gram. Today, more than 30 years later, gold is calculated at 400 yuan per gram, which is five times higher. However, if you compare it with the actual purchasing power, you will find that it is actually depreciated, because the purchasing power of 80 yuan in the 1980s is greater than that of 400 yuan now. In the 1980s, 80 yuan was enough for a family of three to spend a month. Now, 400 yuan, let alone a family of three, is enough for a person to spend a month
    moreover, gold does not only rise but also fall, still less will it fall by a small adjustment
    for example, in 2011, the gold price soared, reaching an unprecedented level of US $1900 an ounce. After the short-term prosperity, there were only chicken feathers left. Now, eight years have passed, and the gold price is still far from its historical high. Many people who bought gold after rising in 11 years are now too lazy to look at the gold plate. Let's go up slowly. Anyway, we can't solve the problem in a short time
    how is gold suitable for operation? I think paper gold is a good choice for short-term operation. Let's forget about the physical gold. It's hard to recycle. There are not many people who can buy back. If you sell in the market, the price will be much lower than the real-time gold price. Because recyclers also have to eat, it is not uncommon for one gram to be 10 / 2 cheaper. This is still when the gold price is relatively stable. When the price fluctuates greatly, many recyclers will stop recycling. It is simply a rumor that gold is kept in value
    holding physical gold for a long time is a huge gamble, either on the collapse of the national credit system, or on the sudden change of the international situation, or on the depletion of gold mining resources on the earth. Think about the events with very small probability. Only when there is no other investment channel will people think of gold.

  2. I think buying gold should take a long view! It is mainly purchased to prevent the collapse of the national financial system (such as Venezuela) from leading to the bankruptcy of one's own family. If it goes on like this, there will be a large amount of cash and the investment and financial management will appreciate quickly. When buying gold, there will be a slight rise and fall in the short term. Under the condition of national stability, the gold price generally does not change much within ten years. But in the long run, no one knows what the National Games will be like in a few decades. Gold should be the last financial guarantee in case of social unrest. If we have abundant financial resources and have made various investments, it would be wise to buy some gold for storage each year. At this time, don't look at the short-term rise and fall of gold. Buy when the price rises, and buy more when it falls. Because falling means you can buy more. In fact, we save money, buy all kinds of insurance, buy investment and financial management, including buying houses, in order to reduce the loss of risk and realize the growth of assets. But all these things are based on the stability and prosperity of the country. In case of turbulence, insurance, real estate and bank deposits may all become invalid. Only gold is unaffected by the state. You can always realize the exchange of value and save your life.

  3. Gold is a natural currency, which is currently used to resist inflation and realize value preservation and appreciation. In recent years, prices have not risen as fast as gold. At present, when countries are competing to devalue, gold is the first choice. It is expected to exceed 300 yuan per gram before the year. But once the dollar index rises, gold will fall. Buy it. At least it will rise in half a year. It's hard to say later.

  4. It does not maintain its value. Gold simply can't beat inflation. In 1990, it rose from more than 78 yuan to more than 81 yuan. That would be equivalent to more than two million yuan of assets. You can calculate how many grams a million yuan household can buy

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