4 thoughts on “Can gold jewelry in the shape of bullets be carried on the plane?”

  1. No, no matter whether there are warheads or gunpowder, such items can not be carried on the plane, nor can they be checked. Tell me something that my military training instructor told me. There was a soldier in their unit. After shooting, he picked up several empty shells and went home to visit his relatives to show them to his girlfriend. According to the regulations, these things are usually finished shooting. It's OK for soldiers to keep them for fun, but they are generally not allowed to take them out of the barracks. He took the cartridge case with him on the plane and was finally detained by the security check. After seeing the certificate, he asked the army to take him back. The airport didn't say anything. He was given a good training when he returned to the army. Fortunately, they didn't violate any regulations, so they trained them and didn't give them any punishment. ha-ha

  2. It can be taken under normal circumstances, but it also depends on the size. If it is too sharp, it should be specially packaged. The regulations of each airport are somewhat different. You can call the service hotline of the departure airport and ask him directly if you can take it.

  3. No. You said it was an ornament. How do I look at bullets? It's easy to create an illusion. Add unnecessary trouble, so I advise you not to take it by plane.

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