Can I buy an ordinary gold ring around 1,000 yuan?

I am a man, and the ring I bought should be worn on my left index finger!
The more detailed the answer! It's best to have a picture!

4 thoughts on “Can I buy an ordinary gold ring around 1,000 yuan?”

  1. It is difficult to buy a platinum at 1000, let alone a pair. The platinum is 580. Generally, the female ring of the plain circle is about 3 grams, and the male ring is about 4 grams. It ’s still indispensable for the process of processing costs for 4000. There are more selection on 500-800, very light and clever on the

    18k white gold in about 200 or finely wearing it for two or three years in a row. It's not big, you can re -plating and immediately return to the shine. Platinum is worn due to scraping and so on, and needs to be polished again. If the landlord's budget is not much, buy 18K well. The selling point of 18K gold is good styles, more fashionable and new, and many styles. As long as it is recognized by the state, legal stores are basically trusted

  2. That's about 18K. Because you have to bring your index finger and a man. If you are too young, it will not look good. If you buy 24K, it will be too small. Although the price of gold has fallen, there are still more than 200 grams. You can only buy a 5G ring for 1,000, so it is recommended to buy 18K or some money.

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