1 thought on “Can the gold jewelry store entrust foundry?”

  1. Yes, but to charge, the specific charging depends on the price pricing.
    Gold jewelry refers to jewelry made of gold as the main raw material. The chemical symbol of gold is AU, with a gravity of 17.4 and Mo's hardness is 2.5. Gold jewelry can be divided into two categories: pure gold and K gold in terms of gold content.
    The gold jewelry has a gold content of more than 99%, up to 99.99%, so it is also known as "nine nine gold", "full gold", and "red gold". In order to overcome the shortcomings of high gold price, low hardness, single color, easy wear, and unspoken pattern, some other metal elements are usually added to pure gold to increase the hardness of jewelry gold and change its tone and reduce its melting point. The gold -alloy jewelry with different color heights and obviously different gold content, the term "karat" is crowned. The K gold system is the international popular gold metering standard. The complete statement of K gold is "Krat Gold" and gives K gold with accurate gold content standards, thus forming a series of K gold jewelry.

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