Can the gold ring inlaid diamond?

I saw a golden ring inlaid on the Cartier's official website, but it seems that gold cannot be inlaid, because it is too soft, but Cartier is a big brand, the quality will not be problematic, why is there such a design?

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  1. The gold ring can be inlaid with diamonds, but the material of gold is not suitable for inlaid diamonds.
    It pure gold can be inlaid with diamonds, such as pure gold inlaid ruby ​​ring, which is also dazzling on the fingers and very beautiful. It's just that the gold and soft characteristics, the inlaid diamonds are easy to fall down. Diamonds are particularly valuable gems, especially color diamonds, and they are even more treasured. It would be a pity if you lost it because of gold.
    The maintenance method of the golden ring
    1. Take off in time
    When we wash our hands with hand washing or contact with other alkaline solutions, we must take it down in time damage. In addition, when women need makeup, it is best to put on makeup before wearing a diamond ring.
    2. Avoid collision
    The texture of the gold ring is relatively soft. The more pure the gold ring texture, the soft. Therefore, when wearing, avoid friction and collision to prevent the ring deformation and wear.

  2. The gold ring can inlaid diamonds, but neither ordinary businesses and manufacturers will not launch the style of golden golden gold diamonds. Because the gold is very soft and easy to deform. Once the gold deforms, the diamonds inlaid on the gold are easy to fall. The gold diamonds are mainly tightened by the diamond card, and all pure gold gold merchants will not inlaid diamonds. However, there are many styles of diamonds in the gold 18K, because the gold and brass are added in the gold, so that the hardness of the gold increases, it is not easy to deform. There are many styles in the 18K gold diamond market.

  3. Yes, the diamonds are generally used with gold (AU) 750. I bought a gold ring for my mother last year
    So diamonds are no problem
    Make diamonds also look yellow, so rarely use
    do you want to see if the diamonds in Cartier are yellowish yellow?

  4. It is not false, or because the pure gold is too soft and the diamond is easy to fall off, so K gold gold is inlaid.
    k gold refers to the alloy that is melted together with gold and other metals. Also gold.

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