5 thoughts on “Come back from Japan, what small gifts are representative and meaningful. Essence fair price. Essence”

  1. It is representative and meaningful. Essence Small Japanese gifts are:
    1. Japanese chopsticks
    2. Japanese folding fan
    3. Reprint Burmese fabric crafts (puppets, puppets, ornaments)
    4. Japanese ceramic appliances (flower wares, cups, plates, plates) (relatively quaint)
    5. Windbell
    6. Japanese yukata. Traditional pattern handkerchiefs, T -shirts.
    7. Japanese -style baggage.
    8. Dharma (Turner)
    9. Last tea in Japan.
    10. Japanese tea set.

  2. Handicraft products, paper products or Yu Shou, friends like to eat, can also bring some food. Essence White lover lives on Tokyo banana cakes and the like. Essence There are also solid perfumes. Not very expensive.

  3. It's too expensive to give gifts. It is better to give some snacks with Japanese characteristics. You can share it together, because it is delicate and the packaging is also exquisite.

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