4 thoughts on “Excuse me, where can Chengdu wholesale real clothing and jewelry to South Korea??”

  1. Wholesale clothing can go to lotus pond, Golden Lotus, Kowloon, etc. As for genuine clothing, you need to choose it yourself. There are also many gold lotus jewelry!

  2. I know one. I've just bought it. The quality is fairly good, and the price is very reasonable. There are jewelry and bags, and they can also be wholesale. I'll give you the address. Go and have a look at it when you have time. You can only know when you go to the store, No. 24, 19 / F, block B, the first city, Chunxi Road..

  3. The latest news is that the KBC Korean Pavilion in the Yanshikou Business District of Chengdu is opposite to the e-shop. There are all Korean brand clothing, which can be wholesale or retail. Let's go together.

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