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  1. Not hard, 999 enough gold is soft. 999 Football is a thousand full gold with a gold content of 99.99 %. 9999 is 999999999.99 million yuan. The higher the gold content, the softer the gold will be. , It's better to have a lot of money and stronger support.

  2. Generally, the hardness of the thousands of gold is Mo's hardness 2.5, which is similar to human nails.
    Thousand -footed gold has the characteristics of good ductility and small hardness. Pure gold is folded and soft, and the bronze strips are laborious

  3. 999 Foot gold is soft. 999 belongs to thousands of gold, it is soft and because of its characteristics, as follows

    1, the hardness of thousands of hard gold is 4 times the traditional thousands of gold, it is not easy to wear, scrape, deform, and three -dimensional. The feeling is stronger and easier to maintain. rnrn2、千足硬金具高耐磨性,细致轻巧,佩戴舒适等特点,适合做成首饰等饰品;千足金质地较软,更多制作成为金条,供投资所用的,或者It is a simple jewelry.

    3, thousands of hard gold is 99.9%of the gold content, which is consistent with the purity of ordinary foot gold 999.

    999 The difference between gold and hard gold:

    1, hard gold is actually one of many gold. Gold has a characteristic that the texture is relatively soft. Of course, this feature is also identified A standard for authenticity of gold. Hard gold, but the "hard" gold made by new methods, its texture teaches ordinary gold. Therefore, the industry is called

    2, and hard gold is actually alloy. Although there is gold ingredients, the color is not beautiful.

    3. Due to the improvement of hardness, the design and technology have been greatly liberated. Some fine and exquisite styles cannot be made, and the 3D hard gold foot gold method is made. Strong, and the problem of inlaid gemstones has also been perfectly resolved.

    The expansion information:

    gold plating, gold, soft gold, hard gold, how to buy it?

    1. Foot gold (soft gold) is the most valuable, and the corresponding explanation is given according to the order of the subject:

    2. , Outside a layer of gold/powder, generally silver -plated and copper -plated;

    3. Foot gold: The most valuable gold bars are preserved. "Foot Gold", "999", "99.9%", etc.;

    4. Soft gold: another name for Foot gold;
    5. It is generally called 3D hard gold, which is a golden technology. The interior of the accessories is hollow, which makes it significantly larger than the Tongke's heavy gold jewelry. Generally, it is pieces of pieces of pieces of pieces.

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