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  1. Xiaopeng P5 is a very noteworthy model in the new energy compact family sedan. In the eyes of many consumers, whether it is its appearance, shape, or performance, it has its own distinctive personality.
    Since the listing of Xiaopeng Automobile P5 in September 2021, it has quickly captured the new generation of young consumer groups. In 2021, the total delivery volume has reached more than 7,900 good results. As of now, Xiaopeng Automobile P5 What is the quality of Xiaopeng Automobile P5 with such popular sales? Let's take a test drive experience.
    The appearance part

    although Xiaopeng P5 has no angular lines, Xiaopeng P5 still has its own uniqueness in the overall design of the body. As a car that is positioned at home, it can be seen that Xiaopeng P5 has made a significant expansion on the roof in order to give more sufficient head space. And the appearance of Xiaopeng P5 is the most conspicuous, presumably the two laser radar on the front face.
    The interior part

    Xiaopeng P5's interior uses Xiaopeng Automobile's consistent family design. The XMART system is also quite intimate. In addition, you can complete the driving information complete. The reflected instrument panel, Xiaopeng P5 is doing well in the center console of the interior. It is necessary to mention it here, that is, below the multimedia screen of Xiaopeng P5, it is also equipped with a fragrance system, which is rare on the car.
    Muctive battery life

    First look at the power and battery life of Xiaopeng Automobile P5. According to the comprehensive operating conditions of NEDC, according to the configuration, 2022 Xiaopeng Automobile P5 models The mileage is 450km and 510km. For consumers, daily travel is not a problem. And Xiaopeng Automobile P5 uses the second -generation permanent magnet synchronous motor of the front -wheel drive, so that a motor can provide up to 155kW of Xiaopeng Automobile P5 and the torque of 310N ยท m. Essence In terms of power, Xiaopeng Automobile P5 can also be regarded as the leader of cars at the same level.
    The test drive

    . Although the chassis adjustment of Xiaopeng Automobile P5 is relatively good, when passing the bumpy road, you can obviously feel the filtering effect of Xiaopeng Automobile P5 and the effect of the filtering effect of P5 Not good, I hope Xiaopeng Automobile P5 will improve in the future. However, although there are shortcomings, Xiaopeng Automobile P5 still has surprises. For example, the acceleration performance of Xiaopeng Automobile P5 is still good. When you choose the sports mode, the throttle of Xiaopeng Automobile P5 will be more sensitive. The back feel is relatively sufficient. In addition to the throttle, the brake performance of Xiaopeng Automobile P5 per 100 kilometers. Although the brake pedal of Xiaopeng Automobile P5 is hard, it can ensure the personal safety of the car when encountering an emergency. Putting on the acceleration performance, when I tested the driving through S, the steering of Xiaopeng Automobile P5 was relatively accurate, and there was no shift to procrastination.


    The test drive to make an overall evaluation of this car! From the appearance, Xiaopeng Automobile P5 is still more in line with personal aesthetic interest, but if Xiaopeng Automobile P5 can make its appearance design more more appropriate, it will be more appropriate. Stunning, but the sense of plastic in the interior still lowered the riding experience of Xiaopeng Automobile P5.
    Finally, the driving experience of Xiaopeng Automobile P5 feels good. Xiaopeng Automobile P5 not only takes into account the power and battery life, and also has a full sense of futuristic and technological in many driving safety auxiliary systems. This is comparison. Rare.
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