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  1. 1. Scarf gloves
    scarf gloves hat, but now many girls must go out in winter. Especially for girls who are afraid of the cold, they simply dare not go out without wrapping themselves. Some friends may think it's too vulgar to give scarves and gloves these days, but you can't deny the practical value of this gift. A gift that can really bring warmth to your girlfriend is the most correct choice
    2. Hand warmers
    I believe many boys also feel that their girlfriends' hands are cold in winter. To keep warm, hand warmers are absolutely indispensable equipment. There are simply not too many lovely hand warmers on the market now. There are all kinds of Kawaii girlish hearts. It is definitely not difficult to choose one that can make her heart beat for her girlfriend. If you can, you can also match it with foot warmers. After all, girls' cold hands and feet are definitely not just words
    3. Thermos cup
    drinking more hot water in winter is definitely not empty talk. It is easy to give a thermos cup to your girlfriend. In order to ensure that you can drink hot water at any time, girls basically keep thermos cups in hand in winter, and sending thermos cups also makes the phrase "drink more hot water" that you often say to your girlfriend no longer just empty talk. What you say always makes people feel insincere, and only practical actions can move people's hearts
    4. Plush toys
    it's also a good choice to send plush toys to your girlfriend in winter. It's super warm to hold plush toys in your arms. It is more appropriate to limit the delivery of plush toys to autumn and winter. Plush toys are very warm from the visual point of view, and there is a special meaning in sending plush dolls. Oh, when you are not around your girlfriend, let that doll accompany her, give her warmth and hug
    5. Leggings and warm socks
    in order to look good in winter, many girls do not like to wear autumn pants or warm pants, so they prefer to wear skinny leggings and so on. Boys can also choose gifts for their girlfriends according to this habit of girls. In fact, it is not difficult to choose a practical gift that is also popular with girlfriends. Especially in winter, of course, we should give priority to warmth. In addition to sending leggings, we can also send warm socks and so on, so that the body will be warm when the feet are warm
    6. Facial mask skincare products
    in autumn and winter, people's skin is very easy to dry, so girls will pay attention to moisturizing and moisturizing their skin. Of course, girlfriends' beauty loving skincare business should be supported by themselves. It is also very appropriate to send facial mask skincare products. However, because boys don't know much about skin care products and there are so many brands of skin care products, it's better to inquire about the brands used by female friends before making a decision
    7. Chocolate desserts
    it's not without reasons that girls like to eat sweets. Most girls have low blood sugar for special reasons. For example, in cold winter, they should eat sweets to supplement energy. Some friends may say that it's not Valentine's day to give chocolates. The chocolates here are given because they want to give warmth to their girlfriends. It's really easier to warm up after eating sweets. Chocolates and all kinds of desserts are good choices. Girlfriends are the happiest when they eat and give them.

  2. Gifts for girlfriends are recommended as follows

    1. Roses

    roses have become a symbol of love, and roses of different colors will win the love of different girls. You can choose the color of roses according to the girl's favorite at ordinary times. If you have time to show your intentions, you can also fold paper roses, cartoon bouquets, etc

    2. Chocolate

    chocolate is the favorite of many girls. If you can send a special chocolate on Valentine's day, you can also get your heart. Especially, many businesses have launched DIY chocolate. You can make it according to your own creativity. When making it, you can add cartoon images such as Snoopy, yellow man and other cartoon animals that girls like. In this way, she will be moved by both intentions and intentions

    3. Color changing cup

    Customize a color changing cup, print her picture and her picture on it, or print her favorite picture on it. If you pour hot water or cold water, it can be displayed. In this way, the picture can reflect your concern for her daily life, and she will be very moved by your consideration. Remember, many girls like considerate boys

    4. Lovers' clothing or rings

    if you have established a relationship, it is necessary to further develop it at this time. To shorten the distance between two people, some uniform jewelry is a good catalyst and ornament. So, find a couple's ring or clothes that you all like. This dress attracted the envy of many people, and at the same time shortened the distance between the two people

    5. Memoirs picture album

    anyone who wants to get out of the ordinary on Valentine's day can try gifts other than roses, such as growth picture album. Print out your daily records of her, put them in a picture album, and give them to her. She will be very grateful for your care.

  3. I think the best gift doesn't have to be expensive, but intimate. How to be intimate depends on specific problems
    1. Innocent romantic type
    this kind of girl looks like a small child, and likes the same things as children. A toy doll, a cute puppy (it's better to give a dog raising Guide) or a pink diary can win her favor. If you want to impress her with gifts, then you might as well try some beautiful and lovely gadgets in Korean gift shops. I believe this is the first choice for naive girls
    Second, the sentimental type
    this kind of girl is usually quiet and introverted. She won't tell you what she likes. In fact, she won't say many of her ideas, but hopes that others can read her heart. Undoubtedly, such a girl is the most headache. Such a girl likes romantic mysterious gifts most. When giving them, you must find the right time, the right place and the right mood. For example, if you want to give her a bottle of mineral water, you must give it to her when she is thirsty. Well, such a girl usually likes beautifully packaged flowers, or a set of well-made tarot cards, or a constellation book about her destiny, or even a small bottle of perfume. Try it! Remember to choose the right time
    3. Mature and generous
    mature girls don't particularly like roses and bears. Their thinking is more adult. Chocolate is a symbol of obesity in their eyes. Roses are not useful except for being beautiful for a while. Oh, what should I give them? Maybe, she is worried about preparing for the exam, maybe, she is worried about learning English! The gift that such a girl likes is more practical. It may be a pair of Sony earphones, which make her more comfortable when listening to music or learning English. It may be a set of intimate tableware, which makes her more happy when eating in the canteen. It may also be a box of Olay moisturizer. She cares about her skin in winter
    4. It's needless to say that such a girl as the fashionable and sharp type
    likes in things of course! Remember, the more in, the better. We must make her a "fashion king" in front of other girls! As for the choice, oh, the latest MP4, the most popular scarf, and some imported gadgets will make her fondle it
    are you satisfied with my answer? In general, when giving gifts, you should master the 8-character mantra - it has its advantages, choose the right time, as long as you choose the right time, the right place and the right atmosphere, and then the gift you give happens to be what she likes. Then, even if the gift is cheap, it is enough for her to feel your sincerity, right? wish you success!

  4. What are the best gifts for girlfriends in winter? These gifts are the warmest and most practical:

    in the cold winter, have you ever thought about what gifts to give your girlfriends? The best gift to give in winter is to make her feel warm. Think of warm scarves and other similar gifts, which have become the most choices. Gifts in winter can be a cup to remind people to drink more boiled water, a humidifier to make the room no longer dry in cold winter, a plush toy to warm the plush, or a sunshine jar to fill the sun and warm the whole winter

    1. Hand and foot warming artifact

    many girls are prone to cold hands and feet in winter. Your boyfriend can give her hand and foot warming artifact. You can give your girlfriend a hand and foot warming artifact according to this, so that her body will not be cold in winter. And when she uses these things, her heart will be warm, just like you always accompany her. What a romantic thing

    2. Warm heart Mug

    in winter, the weather is dry, and there is cold wind outside, but there is heating inside, but the air is dry. At this time, you may as well give her a warm cup. You remind her to drink water from time to time, which will warm her heart. Winter is coming, hot water is the most helpful thing for women, especially this kind of loving touch water cup. When you drink hot water, your love will become bright and very loving

    3. Warm table mats and warm suits

    when choosing warm products for girls, besides scarves, gloves and hats are also indispensable for girls, and some are very beautiful and can play a decorative role. I recommend you to send sweeter ones to warm up your love in an instant. If there is a couple's model, you can buy a couple's model. In this way, you can't walk on the street without thinking about it. In this way, the vanity of girls will be satisfied

    4. Plush toys

    girls love plush toys, especially the pink ones. It's also very good to give your girlfriend a big plush toy in winter. When you're away, she will hold it, as if holding you. It's very romantic

    5. Women's cashmere shawls and scarves can be engraved

    there are many kinds of scarves for girls. You can choose lovers' scarves or send thickened scarves and shawls. You can customize patterns and words for free. The versatile and fashionable appearance highlights temperament. It is the warmest gift for women in autumn and winter

    6. Warm three piece gift box in winter

    when choosing gifts for girls, the most suitable gift in winter is certainly warm gifts. It is difficult for her not to be moved by a set of scarves, hats and gloves

    comments: scarf: wrap around you and give you warmth; Gloves: give you my love; Hat: I will take care of you and protect you from the wind and rain. The fashionable and lovely warm three piece set provides the most intimate protection for girls in winter

    7. The jar for storing sunlight is engraved with characters

    what we need most in winter is sunshine and warmth. With sunshine, there is warmth. However, there are many rainy and snowy days in winter, so it is impossible to have sunshine all the time. At this time, you may as well give her a jar that can collect sunlight, so that sunshine can accompany her anytime and anywhere. This is a magic bottle that can collect sunlight during the day and glow at night. Two color luminescence and seven color luminescence are optional. It supports personalized lettering

    8. Mini heater

    if she doesn't have heating and air conditioning in her home, or if neither of them can bring her warmth, you may as well send her a heater, a small one, only for her. I believe she will like it

    9. Cotton padded clothes

    girls are most afraid of the cold in winter. It is also a good choice to send clothes directly. Windbreaker and down jacket are all OK. It is best to take her to buy them together. When shopping, you can buy them secretly and give them to her, which can surprise her

    10. Hot water bags

    hot water bags, that is, hand warmers, are the type of toys you buy. They can also be used as dolls after winter, and are convenient to take out. Because they are more beautiful, there is no mistake in sending hand warmers in winter

    11. Snow boots

    beautiful snow boots are also loved by many girls. In cold winter, a pair of snow boots is not only not bulky, but also beautiful and warm. It is a good choice for you

    12. Your hug

    finally, don't say anything. Ask the girl you love out, go to the movies together, buy a cup of warm coffee, and give her a big warm hug when you send her home at the end!

  5. What gifts to give girls in winter
    1. Girls' gloves can be given in winter
    first of all, gloves are indispensable in winter, but they are also exquisite. If you buy good cotton, it's comfortable and warm. It's better that the gloves are for lovers. In this way, it's also an invisible emotional link between you

    although there are gloves, they are not enough. You can also buy warm gloves and hot water bags for your girlfriend to warm your feet, so that you can get comprehensive care from beginning to end. There should also be ear breathing. Only in this way can it be complete. If you buy one set at a time, your girlfriend's heart will be warm. They will think you are very considerate, confident and trustworthy

    2. We can give warm stickers to girls in winter
    after we have bought all the warm stickers that should protect us from the cold, we can actually buy some warm stickers. If your girlfriend's body is cold or you go out to play and freeze, you should take some warm stickers with you for your girlfriend to use. When your girlfriend is cold, you take them out. I think she will be very moved. The premise is that she doesn't know what you have. You can do it silently

    3. In winter, you can give girls leggings.
    also, girls now like to wear thick leggings. Girls' Leggings are very easy to buy. You can buy one for your girlfriend or a thick one. It will really surprise her that you can think of buying these for her. If you are willing to buy these things for her, she will be more determined to stay with you and have stronger feelings

    4. In winter, you can give scarves to girls
    in winter, when they are wrapped in snow, the cold is oppressive. In girls' favorite Korean dramas, it is often seen that oba will gently help the heroine wrap a scarf and hold up her girlfriend's small hands to help her warm up. The scarf will make her more warm this winter, and a small warmth will melt the girl's heart. Giving a scarf means that you want to surround yourself all your life and give you warmth

    5. Girls can be given chocolates in winter
    the story of chocolate is "only for the people you love most". Its smooth touch is sweet with bitterness, just like a small quarrel between lovers in sweet. Many Japanese brands on the market have chocolate gift boxes, so you can buy them directly as Christmas gifts. If conditions permit, you can also make Shengqiao, an exclusive handmade flavor, which will taste sweeter

    warm baby for women in winter
    1. Warm baby: many girls like to warm their babies. Although this gadget is not very big, in fact, it is quite useful, especially for those who wear thin clothes. It is enough to keep warm babies on their bodies for half a day

    2. Knee pads: wearing more or less should of course depend on the temperature. However, some beauty lovers seem not to care about the cold weather at all. Even in the coldest winter, they should wear skirts. Of course, knee pads are essential items, because they must be well protected. It is not difficult to suffer when they grow old

    3. Masks: fashionable, alternative, non mainstream. Of course, there are also current a (H1N1) prevention masks. No matter what kind of mask, it is absolutely windproof when the wind is strong, and it also saves rhinitis

    4. Ear protection: some people are easy to freeze their ears. In addition, they are more likely to be attacked by the cold if they don't often go out. With ear protection, they can save their ears from suffering. Of course, they can also prevent from being frozen. If they are really frozen, they will be very upset

    5. Hat: wearing a fashionable hat will make your winter different. Yes, it is cold proof and shiny. Take many stars who pursue fashion for example. If you wear a Lei Feng hat to shoot some films, you will have unlimited scenery.

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