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  1. Classmates or relatives and friends celebrate their birthdays. They must have birthday cakes, birthday gifts, congratulations from relatives and friends, etc., adding a warm atmosphere to birthday. How to make practical and memorable gifts for friends quickly. Xiaobian takes you to make some handmade products, not luxurious, practical and generous. Let's take a look together.
    A square 4K paper. Several color pens. Silk thread is one foot.
    1/8 Step
    The folding 4K square paper from the middle, as shown in the figure, prepare the color pen, yes.
    The right side design on the front. The theme is birthday. Draw a birthday cake. The figure can be designed.
    This to make the front cake painting method, write the word happy birthday, and settle the theme
    Draw a caring pattern, as shown in the figure.
    You can draw a variety of patterns, as shown in the figure, surrounded with beautiful lace, you can write blessing words, etc.
    The last layout design. Draw the pattern according to your hobbies and write what you want to say. As shown in the figure.
    The wrap with silk thread. Wrap the handmade birthday gift with silk threads, and you can give away after completion.
    bring gifts, bring blessings, smile on, eat, and share the happiness of birthday.
    If Note
    Izon is spiritual, and it is made by itself.
    Happy birthday to friends

  2. Tool material:
    card paper

    color pen

    operation method
    01 n Pencil and color pen.

    Plipped the card paper first and folded the card paper into two parts.

    In a cup on the card paper with a pencil.

    In a question mark on the right side of the cup as a cup.

    In a oval shape under the cup, as a cup plate.

    D several curves on the cup as heat.

    This with green pen to paint the heat and the cup into green, indicating the tea in the cup.

    The brown pen to apply the cup and cup to brown.

    This to paint the cup plate below with a blue pen.

    mades to write a few words on the right with a red pen on the right, and the greeting card is done.

  3. Today, birthday gifts have become more and more valued, especially between young men and women, and they are more concerned about the significance conveyed by birthday gifts. Therefore, birthday gifts are no longer just a gift, but more are the carrier of emotions.

    Because girls are relatively delicate, they also pay more attention to the choice of birthday gifts. Because of this, many girls suffer from "Choosing Phobia." Therefore, today, I will recommend some meaningful birthday gifts for everyone today.

    Generally speaking, handmade gifts are more likely to cause the other party's movement, and it can also show the emotion of the gift giver. Therefore, if you want to express your feelings through birthday gifts, then hand -made gifts will not be more appropriate. On the other hand, what kind of birthday gift is given depending on the relationship between you and what kind of gifts are given.

    because if you give a birthday gift that does not match your relationship, this will not only express your feelings, but it will have an adverse effect on the feelings between you, which will make you double your double The hair is embarrassing, and it will put pressure on the other party. If this is the same, this gift will even make your distance farther and farther, so it will really lose.

    mart gifts, it is recommended to do it by yourself to achieve good results and move the other party. If you are a good friend with a boy, you can make some paper -cut yourself, and some models can be. This gift is not only unique and novel, but also makes the other party feel that he has a good status in your heart. You attach great importance to his feelings. Then at this time, the effect of your birthday gift is achieved.

    If you have a relationship with the other party, then you can knit some things like scarf gloves. Although this gift is time -consuming Your feelings. In addition, you can fold some thousands of paper cranes for him. Although this gift is simple, the effect is also very good.

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