4 thoughts on “How much is 13 Vajrayana Bodhi bracelets? I bought it 60 when my friends were available, but the family was worthless.”

  1. Vajra Bodhi bracelets are becoming more and more popular. One of the classic wenpo bracelets, but King Kong bracelets are also famous for playing, so it is necessary to master the correct way of playing. At the same time, there are many people who like King Kong Bodhi, and the prices of King Kong Bodhi in the market are also attracted much attention. So how much does it cost to King Kong Bodhi?
    How to how much is the Diamond Vales Plates General
    On how to Plate Vajrayana
    1, own a string of real diamond bracelets
    Up to 90%. When you buy friends, you must pay attention to buying reliable merchants to buy, especially if you buy in the circle of friends, you must pay special attention. If you want to buy a red diamond bracelet, you have to buy a real diamond bracelet. Whether it is Dalongda, King Kong, Nepal, Indonesia, red skin, yellow skin, as long as it is true.
    2, a powerful Wenwan brush
    The friends who play King Kong know that King Kong is going to brush, but many friends do not know why the diamond bracelet should be brushed. In fact, the principle is like this. Diamond seeds contain a kind of anthocyanin substance, which will turn red when this substance encounters sweat; When the anthocyanins meet, a layer of "packed layer" to prevent the golden Kong's redness is formed. At this time, you need to brush off this layer of "paste layer".
    3, it is best to sweat
    After brushing off the "paste layer" to prevent the diamond from coloring, what needs to be played. The sweat is weak and acidic. When the anthocyanins exist at the same time, it will become red. The more red the sweat, the faster the sweat, the premise, the premise is to brush more. Note that it is the "slurry layer" to prevent King Kong from coloring. In short, brush. Only by brushing this layer of things can sweat better combine with anthocyanins, and can quickly become red diamonds, and the color will be more red and beautiful!
    How to how much is the Diamond Vajrayana general?
    How how much does it cost of King Kong Bodhi
    The main one depends on the cheapest series of 9.9 free shipping. What is the most expensive one? Wan, generally, Vajra play enthusiasts buy 100 ~ 5000. This is not the most important. The most important thing is not to buy expensive, 100 are more expensive? But the King Kong you bought is worth 50, which is not worth it. It is important to see what the product is good, what price is about to buy that kind of product. Pile

  2. 60 Although it is not lost, this string is not worth it. Chai is very,
    , but then, if you really use your heart to brush it, it will also look good, red and transparent is the ultimate beauty. Do n’t pay attention to it.

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