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  1. The price of 472 yuan/gram Zhou Dafu crafts 462 yuan/gram
    1. Gold (GOLD) is a single -quality form of chemical element (AU). It is a soft, golden, corrosive precious metal. Gold is one of the rare, precious and extremely valued metals. Internationally, gold is generally based on ounces, and ancient China was used as a gold unit. It was a very important metal. It is not only a special currency for reserves and investment, but also an important material for the jewelry, electronics, modern communications, aerospace and air industry and other departments.
    The chemical symbols of gold are AU, and the English code in finance is XAU or GOLD. The name of the AU comes from a story of the goddess of dawn in Roman mythology, which means the shining dawn.
    As of October 12, 2021, the price of gold was $ 1760/ounce.
    . Physical properties
    1, color:
    The steam emitted when gold is melted is yellow -green; its gold powder is usually brown during the smelting process; One piece, it can send green light.
    2, extension:
    is extremely strong. 1 ounce of gold can be pulled into 50 miles long, and its ductility makes it easy to cast and is a good choice for making jewelry. Gold is the strongest in the metal.
    3, forgedness:
    premier -finger. It can cause extremely thin and easy to roll up. 1 ounce of gold can be hammered to 1 foot thick at 4 million
    and 100 square meters of sigh. The ancients hammed it into thin slices to decorate the temples and the palace. These can explain the flexibility and forgedness of gold.
    . The color of gold is golden yellow, metal luster, difficult to break down. The density is 19.3g/cm 3, and the melting point is 1064.4 ° C; it has good ductility and can be pressed into thin foil. It has extremely high heat transfer and conductivity. The resistance of pure gold is 2.4P. Pure gold has good anti -chemical corrosion and is the best electroplating material.
    . As a precious metal, gold has good physical characteristics. "Real gold is not afraid of fire refining" is that the chemical stability of gold is very high. It is not easy to have chemical reactions with other substances. Do not worry about oxidation and discoloration. Even in the melting state, it will not be oxidized and discolored. The density is strong and the feel is heavy. Good toughness and ductility, good guidance. Pure gold has gorgeous yellow, but after incorporating other metals, the color changes greatly. For example, gold and copper alloy are dark red, and the silver alloy is light yellow or gray -white. Jin Yi was grinded into powder, which is why Jin is scattered in nature. Pure gold jewelry is also easily worn and reduced.
    The atomic order in the Menjiev cycle table is 79, that is, the golden nucleus of the gold contains 79 protons, and the proton belt is positive. At the same time, due to the conformity of the semi -full rules, gold has good chemical stability. In the metal market, gold and nails, crickets, crickets, money, 钺, platinum and other metals are collectively referred to as precious metals.
    . Although gold is a very soft metal, it is not as good as lead and tin metal. Use nails on pure gold to draw traces. This softness makes gold very easy to process. However, this point is not ideal for the maker of the decoration, because it is easy to make the decorations hurt and make it make it make it wound and make it it. Lost luster and even affect beauty. Therefore, when making jewelry with gold, copper and silver must be added to improve their hardness.
    It gold is forged and easy to extend, which can be crushed to a transparent and transparent green foil with a thickness of 0.001 mm. 0.5 grams of gold can be pulled into a 160 -meter -long golden.

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