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  1. 1. The user can buy it with an ID card to the bank outlets. Generally, after the purchase of various bank outlets, the bank staff will accompany the user to the head office to get the gold bar. Users can also rent a safe at the bank and send the gold bars to the bank insurance library.
    2, the bank's buying bars are purchased at the real -time price of gold. After that, the price of gold has risen. Users can also sell gold bars to the bank at the real -time price to earn the difference. The bank platform can also buy paper gold.
    This information
    . The precious metal services of the bank mainly include three aspects: first, investment gold (such as gold bars, BRICS); second, virtual gold (such as paper gold); third, crafts gold ( Such as gold commemorative banknotes, commemorative coins, zodiac commemorative gold, etc.).
    1. Paper gold: Paper gold is virtual gold, without physical objects. It belongs to accounting gold. Customers open a account in the bank and use this account to conduct personal real -paper gold silver and other precious metals. High -sale profit, so the investment of paper gold is also called frying gold.
    2, crafts gold: Generally speaking, every year banks will launch some zodiac or special commemorative gold banknotes or gold coins such as gold coins. Such gold products are similar to gold shop necklaces (more procedures for processing). Therefore, the premium of such products is generally higher, such as calculation according to 1G gold 380 yuan, assuming the weight of the commemorative banknote is 3G, and its theoretical value is: 380*3 = 1140 yuan, but the actual sales price may be 1500 yuan/piece Because design costs, processing costs, and premium costs should be counted.
    3, investment gold: Investment gold is actually the gold bars, BRICS, golden chapters, gold coins (non -commemorative coins) in our daily life, etc. , Generally, it has indicated specific weights and purity (such as AU99 or AU999 or AU9999). It is often used to invest in
    . Will bank repurchase?
    This gold does not involve the problem of repurchase, because paper gold belongs to virtual gold and has no physical objects. Just sell it directly in the account!实物黄金中,纪念钞、纪念币这类有特殊含义的黄金制品一般不在银行的回购范围之内;大部分银行的回购范围都仅限于投资性的黄金,也就是金条、金砖、金Chapters and gold coins; different banks are different on the recycling objects. Some banks only recover the investment gold sold by the Bank; in addition to the gold of the Bank, other banks and other banks and gold enterprises. Will recycle.

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