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  1. 28. The tracing game

    The purpose of activity
    The mutual understanding between students and active classroom atmosphere.

    Properative program
    1. Send the tracing game workheet to every student.
    2. Let each student find the person who matches the table at the fastest speed to sign in the table, and each person can only sign a grid.
    3. The first signature is the winner, and the trainer should prepare some small gifts as a reward.

    The discussion
     Through this activity, do you have a better understanding of the classmates of this class. What are the effects of these residences on the friendship between colleagues and improving interpersonal relationships?

    In finding a
    When you find this person, ask them to write the name in the corresponding table

    I births of 1960-1965 nIn April's birthday
    It textiles can use three languages ​​
    It like drinking red wine, swimming n, like to sing Shanghai
    Striped shirts
    It like to read glasses
    This can use computer supervisor
    The two brothers in Beijing
    Evolutionary theory

    The purpose of activity
    The activity improves the classroom atmosphere and enhances the friendship between colleagues.

    Properative program
    1. All staff first squatted as eggs, and then looked for their companions to guess each other. The winner has evolved into a chicken; then the chicken companion will guess the fist, the winner has evolved into a Phoenix, and the guess of the loser degenerate into the previous stage.
    2. It took a few minutes until most people evolved into a phoenix.

    The discussion
     This is just a ice -breaking game, which is intended to be relaxed and happy.

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