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  1. Liaoning Nantai Bag Market at No. 88 Xinchang Street, Haicheng, Anshan City, Liaoning Province. It is a large luggage distribution center in Northeast China. It has nearly 200 luggage processing, high -money accessories, accessories processing, version printing, etc. Professional, series, and integrated enterprise groups of processing, production, sales.
    Thenan luggage market is like a lot of people in the morning, and the door is closed at more than three in the afternoon. Basically, it is made by local brands. There are various brands. The price is not low. There are many factories nearby. If the buyer wants to find it and ask the goods directly, they can tell the buyer, mainly depending on what the buyer wants to buy.
    The expansion information

    has more than 1,500 stalls in the luggage market in Liaoning. There are also nearly a hundred door points and more than 300 high -end boutique stalls that serve the luggage market around the market. There are more than 4,000 types of luggage, with more than 100 national and cities such as true, good, beauty, Ou Ba, and Juwang, and set up direct sales points in more than 20 provinces and regions in China. Products have entered the United States, Russia and some countries and regions in Southeast Asia. Essence
    The rapid development of the luggage industry in recent years, the number of Chinese luggage companies is also increasing. At present, it is mainly concentrated in Guangdong, Fujian, Zhejiang, Shandong, Shanghai, Jiangsu, and inland. In the province, the improvement of centralization has led to the sales scale of my country's luggage industry.

  2. The Nandai Bag market is quite large. There are several large wholesale markets. Generally, there are many people in the morning, and the door is closed one after another at 3 pm. You have to tell them that there are Nantai specializing in the production of bags. There are many factories nearby. If you want to find it, you can directly ask for the goods, and they can tell you what the auxiliary materials depends on what you want to buy.

  3. Liaoning Province, Liaoning Province Nantai Town Bag Wholesale Market. Nantai luggage market is next to the National Highway 202. You can do a car or train to Anshan or Haicheng and then you can go to Nandai in a small guest or a taxi. Transportation is still very convenient. Anshan City took a small guest to Qi yuan in Nantai. Haicheng to Nantai's two yuan triple yuan. Anhai Xiaocke has a good environment, so the fare should be higher. Other small guests will cheaper.
    Thenan luggage wholesale market is the largest wholesale market in the three northeast provinces. Most of the bags in various shopping malls in the Northeast are goods from Nantai wholesale market. The price of wholesale bags is cheaper. You can inspect in person.
    It if you want to open a bag in your own city, you can come and take a look at us first. Look at the style and price of the bag you want to run. Then find a few goods. Generally, I do n’t have to use it, so I do n’t have to do it. Just call the owner to ask them to deliver it for you. What kind of species. Many cargo stations from Nantai are located to various places. You can take the goods through the cargo station, you can just pick up the goods.

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