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  1. The origin of the jewelry, initially because of the cover, with the continuous development of living standards and people's creativity, it began to transform into part of the modification, which derived various decorations mainly decorated. The jewelry is used to decorate and wear. Some accessories can play a role in aroma, cleaning, beautification, and so on. Good jewelry can make the wearer refreshed and refreshing. The market is inseparable from home decoration, birthday gifts, friends gatherings, and sending men and women. Trends in the jewelry industry: The jewelry industry is an emerging industry that is separated from jewelry and craft gift industry. As the growth point of the new economy, accessories have gradually matured. Various grades of specialty stores and sales points are scattered; products of various styles and various levels fully meet the growing market demand. In mainland China, this industry is still in the early stage of development. With the development of socioeconomic and culture, people have entered a well -off type from the type of food and clothing, advocating humanity and fashion, and constantly shaping personality and charm, which has become the pursuit of people.
    It's selection orientation of buying platinum jewelry variables, market consumption has variables. Relevant experts believe that the consumption growth of the gold jewelry market in my country in the future mainly depends on the three needs of weddings, diamond jewelry consumption, and overseas tourists to come to China. The needs of the necklace and the ring, especially the wedding ring, weaken the purchase momentum. If the price of commodities rises too fast and too high, consumers can easily turn to other jewelry varieties, such as platinum jewelry or K gold jewelry; especially the K gold campaign promoted by the World Gold Association will promote K gold jewelry to compete with platinum jewelry in young people. Modern jewelry is colorful and dazzling. There are many standards for jewelry classification, but the most important thing is divided according to materials, craftsmanship, use, decoration, etc. Specifically:
    . Classification of materials
    (1) Metal class
    1. Precious metals:
    a, gold: foot gold (24K), 22K, 18K, 14K, 10K, 9K, 8K;
    B, platinum: PT999, PT990, PT950, PT900, PT850, PT750;
    c , Silver: Silver, Tattoo Silver (925).
    2. Common metals:
    D, iron (mostly stainless steel);
    e, nickel alloys;
    F, common metal copper and its alloy;
    g, aluminum -magnesium alloy, tin alloy.
    (2) Non -metal class:
    1. Leather, rope, silk silk;
    2. Plastic, rubber;
    3. Non -metal, animal bones (ivory, horn, bone, etc.), shells;
    4. Wood (agarwood, rosewood, jujube, gaman wood, etc.), plant fruit nucleus (nucleus, peach core, coconut shell, etc.);
    5. Treasure jade and various colored stones:
    a, high -end treasure jade: such as diamonds, emeralds, red sapphires, emeralds, cat eyes, pearls, etc.; Danquan stone, natural vermiculite, spinel, etc.;
    c, low -grade treasure jade: garnet, yellow jade, crystal, olives, greenite, turquoise, etc.
    6. Glass, ceramics: such as Jingtai Blue, Liuli, etc.
    . Different categories of wearing sites
    (1) Jewelry class
    1. Headgear. It mainly refers to decorations that are used around the hair, ears, nose and other parts.
    The is divided into:
    a, solar cap, sunglasses, cartoon masks, hair accessories, hair accessories include hairpin, head flower, hair comb, hair crown, hairpin, hair cover, hair beam, etc.;
    B, earrings, including earrings, earrings, earrings, earmuffs, etc.;
    c, nasal decoration, mostly nasal rings.
    2. pectoral. It is mainly used in the neck, chest, back, shoulders.
    is divided into:
    a. Cervical ornaments, including a variety of necklaces, collars, silk scarves, scarves, long sweater chains, etc.;
    B. Chest ornaments, including brooch, chest flower, chest chapter, etc.;
    c. Waist ornaments, such as waist chain, belt, waistscurm, etc.;
    D. Shoulder decorations are mostly decorations such as shawls.
    3. jewelry. It is mainly used on the fingers, wrists, and arms.
    It, including bracelets, bracelets, arm rings, rings, rings, etc., sometimes we also regard watches as a type of hand decoration.
    4. Foot decoration. It is mainly used in the ankle, thigh, and calf decoration.
    M common is ankle chain and ankle bracelets. In a broad sense, it can also include a variety of decorative long stockings, socks, and shoes.
    5. Hanging. It is mainly used on clothing or decoration carried with you.
    For example, button, keychain, mobile phone chain, mobile phone hanging, bag decoration, etc.
    (2) Other classes
    This mainly include makeup decorations (makeup supplies, tattoo stickers, wigs, etc.), dolls, wallets, utensils (jewelry boxes, sunglasses, watches, etc.), shoes, home Trip small parts and so on.
    . Classified by processing
    The category can be divided into two categories: inlaid and non -mosaic classes.
    . Classification of use
    (1) Popular jewelry category
    1. Volkswagen: The pursuit of the commodity of jewelry is mostly large -scale mechanized production and sales.
    2. Popularity: Pursuing the artistic nature of jewelry, personalization, only a small amount of production, mostly handmade, limited sales, often only one piece.
    (2) Art jewelry
    1. Collection: exaggerated, not easy to wear, for collection.
    2. Swing: For display display.
    3. Wear: Practical artistic shape jewelry.
    . The jewelry can also be distinguished from the name of the jewelry
    . Such as falling, needle, needle, ring, ring, bell, bell, bead, card, flower, hair comb, clip, lock, chain, ring, ring, crown, crown, etc. ◆ Diamonds and gems: diamonds, rubies, sapphires, emeralds, semi -gems, artificial gems, crystal, tourmaline;
    ◆ Jewelry jewelry: platinum jewelry, gold jewelry, platinum jewelry, silver jewelry, K gold, gold jewelry, jewelry Diamond jewelry, gem jewelry, embedded jewelry, simulation jewelry, gold -plated jewelry, pearl jewelry, emerald jade jewelry, etc.;
    ◆ Pearl and coral: China freshwater pearl, China Sea Pearl, Japanese Pearl, Nanyang Pearl, Daxi Pearl Pearl Pearl, Daxi Pearl Pearl Pearls , Ma Baizhu, breeding pearls, artificial pearls; red coral, coral treasures, coral accessories;
    ◆ Jade: Emerald, Hetian jade, Shoushan stone, chicken bloodstone, Qingtian stone, Barin stone, Xiongsan jade, yellow dragon jade n ◆ Clocks and accessories: brand clocks, watches finished products, jewelry clocks, hardware jewelry, accessories, stainless steel accessories, etc.;

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