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  1. The 9999 gold will be oxidized. The nature of the gold is very stable and it is not easy to be oxidized. Because gold jewelry is in contact with chemical elements such as mercury chloride in human sweat or skin care products, a white alloy attachment is formed on the surface of the golden surface, which will be mistaken for golden discoloration.
    Golden jewelry should be stored in a dry and dark environment to prevent light oxidation. It is best to store it separately, that is, gold jewelry and sterling silver jewelry should be packed separately. Gold and silver are mixed directly together, and a physical replacement reaction will occur. Silver ions can easily run to gold jewelry, affecting the color of the gold, so it must be avoided in order to avoid these situations.
    It golden precautions and key notes:
    The gold is soft and easy to deform, so try to avoid collision with sharp items when wearing, and do not pull the necklace and other accessories Gold jewelry, especially the ring type; the golden hardness is low. When it is not worn for a long time, the velvet cloth is wrapped, and then put it in the jewelry box to avoid rubbing and damage to each other with other jewelry.
    The pH chemicals in daily life, such as perfume, gum, detergent, disinfection, etc., will change the color of gold. Therefore, gold jewelry should be removed before makeup, cleaning, swimming, and hot springs. To avoid chemical reactions on the surface layer; when the gold jewelry encounters mercury containing and lead cosmetics, it causes white spots on the surface, and the gold and silver jewelry shop should be cleaned and maintained.
    The above reference: Baidu Encyclopedia -Gold

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