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  1. Of course, it is 9999, and the more 9 represents the higher the goldenness.

    The color
    The purity of gold and its products is called "form" or "color".
    . In more than 200 BC, Greek mathematician Archimdes was worried about determining whether a crown was made of pure gold. When he took a bath in the bathtub, he found the law of being called Akimid's proportion of the proportion of the later generations: an object immersed in the liquid was affected by the upward buoyancy; the size of the buoyancy was equal to the weight of its discharge liquid. Whether the crown is made of pure gold. So, how is the purity of gold expressed?
    1 uses "K gold" to represent the purity of gold
    national standard GB11887-89 regulations, each opening (English cact, German, German The abbreviation of Karat often writes about 4.166%of the gold content, so the gold content of each gold is (in parentheses is national standard):
    8k = 8*4.166%= 33.328%(333 ‰) r r r
    9k = 9*4.166%= 37.494%(375 ‰)
    10k = 10*4.166%= 41.660%(417 ‰)
    12k = 12*4.166%= 49.992%(500 ‰) n14k = 14*4.166%= 58.324%(583 ‰)
    18k = 18*4.166%= 74.998%(750 ‰)
    20K = 20*4.166%= 83.320%(833 ‰) n21k = 21 21 *4.166%= 87.486%(875 ‰)
    22K = 22*4.166%= 91.652%(916 ‰)
    24k = 24*4.166%= 99.984%(999 ‰) n24k Kim is considered It is pure gold, which has become "1000 ‰", but the actual gold content is 99.99%, and it is 23.988k.
    2. Use text to express the purity of gold
    Foot gold -the gold content is not less than 990 ‰
    thousands of gold -not less than 999 ‰
    . If it is marked into 18/24, the color is 18K (750 ‰)
    . If it is marked into 22/24, it is 22K (916 ‰)
    4. Use Arabic numerals to represent gold. Pure
    , such as 99 — means "foot gold"
    , such as 999 —— means "Thousands of Gold"
    The regulations on gold product marks and identification signs. Generally, production enterprise codes and materials are required Names, content marks, etc. are unqualified products. This is the same internationally. But for some particularly small products, it is also allowed to be marked. "

  2. The national standard only defines 999 thousand feet, which means that thousands of gold is the highest purity. Even if 9999 gold is sold again, it is impossible to detect when buying. In fact, for the jewelry we wear, 999 gold is sufficient. No matter from color, purity, and craftsmanship, thousands of golds have reached the highest level of jewelry.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer Hello, you are answering this question for you. You need to wait patiently for about three minutes. The answer will be revealed for you immediately, please don't worrynHello, "Different purity: Gold 999's golden degree is 99.9 %, and the golden purity of gold 9999 is 99.999.999.999. Different hardness: Gold 999 is higher. It is easier to maintain. Gold 9999 has a low hardness and is easier to deform than the gold 999. Different color: Gold 999 has a lower gold content than gold 9999, and it is not as good as the gold 9999. "

  4. Is it good to buy gold, buy 999, or is it good for 9999? What is the difference

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