5 thoughts on “Is the Diamond ring in Hong Kong cheaper than the Mainland?”

  1. Zhou Shengsheng's Hong Kong store is a little bit of a diamond ring in the same level as the mainland store, but it is quite limited.
    It about a lot of differences in international first -tier brands in Hong Kong, there are about 20%of the differences in the Mainland.
    If the purchase of naked diamonds in Hong Kong, the price customized in the same way as the Mainland is basically the same.
    The above is three different ways. You can first understand the level you want to buy in the Mainland, and then compare it when you go to Hong Kong. If there is no legendary cheap, it is recommended to buy locally, which is convenient in the future.
    I Hong Kong is a shopping mall, but not all products are cheap.

  2. Hong Kong is a world of shopping, but personal suggestions do not recognize a brand. As long as there are invoices and national appraisal certificates, it is the best price.

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