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  1. The possibility of long -term wearing rings is more likely to deform. If it finds that it has changed shape changes, it is recommended that you have to pick up the ring first and do not continue to wear it, because it may cause serious deformation, and it will also be serious. It may cause damage. Next, you can send the changeable ring to the maintenance shop. There are professional equipment there, and in the eyes of the staff, this is just a small problem. With rich experience and skillful skills, you can definitely be able to definitely Let the ring restore the original state, and you can also maintain it by the way. When you get it, you will be the same as the new one.

    what to do if the ring is deformed? Some people may be in order to save money, and they feel that the degree of deformed ring deformation is not serious, so they try to recover and use brute force to change the shape of the ring, but this is likely to cause the ring of the ring to be damaged, so it is so it is If you don't recommend it, you should still give it to professional craftsmen to repair. And usually learn to protect the ring properly to prevent its deformation. The prevention method is actually very simple. For example, before engaging in physical labor or doing exercise, you can pick up the ring in a dedicated jewelry box. Try not to allow the ring to rub and collide with other hard objects, and do not contact chemical preparations.

  2. Answer: It is easy to deform, the reason:

    The hardness of gold foot gold is 2 to 3, when the metal needle (such as the big head) is engraved with the real gold, leaving obvious scratches. Bite, according to whether it can bite, the coloring color also uses the principle of hardness to divide the authenticity.

  3. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer if the gold ring wears accidentally collides with other hard substances or excessive squeezing causes the gold ring to be severely deformed, and should be sent to shops that purchase rings for maintenance. As long as it is not too serious, it is free. You need to be forged again, so you need to pay a certain fee.nIf your ring is a fancy ring or inlaid ring, it is best not to adjust this structure than a complicated ring, or it is better to take it for professionals.nThe gold ring is easy to deformed by its nature. If the gold is easy to deform, then the golden weight of the ring should be heavier. The women's ring is 3 grams or more. If the ring, if it is an open ring, it is not easy to deform after determining the inch, and the infusion tube is fixed.nHowever, because the characteristics of the gold jewelry itself are very soft, it is easy to deform. When you usually be careful, you must put it alone in a special jewelry box when stored. Of course Do not worry about the deformation of the gold ring. It is best to choose to take it to the gold shop to maintain it by the way.nThe chemicals of cleaning can change the color of the gold, so you should take off the ring before doing cleaning. Avoid contact with high volatile substances such as perfume and glue, otherwise it will easily cause gold decoration to fade. When swimming, remove the golden decoration to avoid chemical changes in the surface layer after encountering seawater or pool water.nDear, hope to help you [Heart]n4 morenBleak

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