2 thoughts on “Live broadcast: how to find the source of goods”

  1. There are generally two types of goods sources for the anchor. The first is to cooperate with Taobao sellers and take kickbacks or commissions from them; The second is that the anchor himself buys some goods and sells them to earn a difference in price
    for the first form, the risk borne by the anchor himself is not large. The seller is responsible for all the risks. It is only good to be responsible for the live broadcast. The disadvantage is that most of the profits are taken away by the seller
    for the second form, although the profit is relatively high, you need to find your own source of goods
    if you want to sell Tiktok live on Taobao, you must have a first-hand source of goods. You must have a price advantage before fans can buy. I have summarized the following points on how to find the source of goods:
    first, you do not have many fans and the start time is not long. It is recommended that you find other anchors to pick up the goods and act as their agents. This can reduce your costs and reduce your risks
    Second, go to the wholesale market to get goods. There are many kinds of products. Wholesale costs will be lower
    Third, go to the Internet to find sources of goods for wholesale. There is also a consignment on the Internet. The price is more expensive. There are many wholesale goods, which can reduce the cost to a very low level. You can bargain. If you get this step, you will be very successful
    Fourth, find the source factory to get the goods. When you are here, you will be a famous online celebrity. Congratulations, you will reach the highest level.

  2. On Kwai, you can see many anchors bringing goods. The goods they bring are all through the official software of Kwai. There are some magic chopsticks and other goods carrying points in Kwai. When you sell, you can contact the manufacturer to sign a contract, and the sales side can directly send goods to you. As long as you can sell and deliver goods, you don't have to worry too much because the orders you place will be received by the direct manufacturer, The manufacturer will deliver the goods to you after receiving the notice

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