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  1. In 1847, Louis-Francois Cartier took over its teacher Adolphe Picard at the jewelry workshop at No. 29 Paris Street. The Cartier brand was born here.

    In 1888, Cartier tried to install mechanical women's watches on the gold bracelet inlaid with diamonds; by 1904, Cartier's gold watch made by old friend Santos. Since then, Cartier watches have been pets in high society, which has been enduring.

    1899 Cartier moved to the current site, No. 13 Heping Street, Paris. Later, the three Cartier brothers Louis, Pierre and Jacques inherited their family business. Their footprints have traveled all over the world, from India to Russia, from the Persian Gulf to the New World. In 1902 and 1909, Cartier set up branches in London and New York, respectively, and laid the foundation of Cartier.

    Catia quickly won the favor of the European royal family. In 1902, Prince Wils, who was about to ascend the throne as Edward VII, praised Cartier as "the emperor's jewelry dealer, the emperor of the jewelry dealer". He also appointed Cartier as a royal jewelry supplier of the British royal family in 1904. The exotic culture experienced by the three brothers of Cartier has deeply affected the style of Cartier's boutique.

    It today, whether it is a high -end jewelry or contemporary jewelry series, such as Le Baiser Dragon (Dragon Kiss Series), Cartier Boutique has excellent production craftsmanship, unique style and professional technology to convey the brand to the brand the value of.

    brand spirit

    Cartang is the best representative in the world's jewelry industry. The jewler of kings, and king of jewler). Cartier represents class, taste, wealth, noble, strong, and eternal. Cartier, which has about 170 boutique stores worldwide, has always adhered to the business philosophy and service concepts of the pursuit of truth, goodness, and beauty after more than 150 years of marketing. Long reputation.

    [Edit] Brand story
    In 1847, Cartier Jewelery was born in Paris. Its founder is Louis Francois Cartier.

    Paron three times after Napoleon III, Paris has resumed the former flashy weather, and the dance feast became a frequent social activity. Cartier was recommended by Princess Mathilde, the young cousin of Napoleon, business growth, and the fashion center in Paris in 1859.

    The third -generation Louis Joseph in the Cartier family is a soul figure in Cartier culture. He has outstanding artistic talents and a savvy businessman. He found the designer Charles Jacqueau to create a world -class jewelry jewelry for him, and found the outstanding female designer Jeanne Tousain, who was known as the "Leopard of the Americas" and made the Americas. Leopard jewelry became a symbol of Cartier. Louis Joseph is like a poet, pursuing perfection, and like a magician. He can realize perfect dreams one by one. He led Cartier to a new era.

    In 1973, Cartier launched the Katana boutique series, including lighters, watches, stationery, leather goods, perfumes, table bells, glasses, and even tableware and other products, named "LSE Must Cartier".

    is worth mentioning that the world's first modern watch with both decoration and functional, which is designed by Cartier. Cartier's concepts and techniques of incorporating jewelry inlaid in the design of the watch make the watch present another gorgeous and noble. Cartier's gorgeous and classical shapes make his necklaces, bracelets, watches, rings, and earrings welcomed by superior people. In addition to the classic three -ring design, animals in nature such as elephants and birds are also the themes often appear in Cartier jewelry. The Panthere jewelry series launched in the 1990s also became one of Cartier's classics.

    Catia is not only a characteristic of high society, but also a classic brand that witnessed eternal love. For more than 100 years, Cartier has witnessed countless eternal love and commitments. Therefore, whether it is a person with a certain status or a young couple, Cartier has always conveyed the magical magic of love.

    It's nostalgia and deep love for his wife in order to commemorate the founder Louis Cartier, and the perfume "So Pretty de Cartier" named after her nickname is better witnessed for a long time and uniqueness.

    Jewelry design requires classic aesthetics, but with contemporary spiritual interpretation, works can be more sense of time and are accepted by people. There have been many important design topics in Cartier, including "series theme creation", "the artistic essence of high -end jewelry", etc. These traditional design concepts have a profound impact on Cartier. Times characteristic combination of traditional craftsmanship Shen Yun is the highest state of the Cartier Advanced Jewelry Series. In the smooth lines and the color of Mingcheng, Cartier interprets the true meaning of beauty -beauty lies in simplicity, not complexity, in harmony, not conflict.

    [Edit] Cartier: Emperor and Jewelry
    For 100 years, Cartier, known as the "emperor's jewelry dealer, the emperor of the jewelry dealer", has always been with its extraordinary creativity and perfect craftsmanship. Create exquisite and unparalleled masterpieces for human beings. Looking back at Cartier's history, it is the history of the century -old changes in modern jewelry. Cartier's development has always been closely related to the royal aristocracy and celebrities of various countries. Cartier's legendary story began in 1847. Louis- (1819 ~ 1904) A diamond-shaped logo composed of a heart shape with the abbreviated letters L and C of their own names registered Cartier, which means that Cartier is officially born. This heart-shaped sign symbolizes a legendary love. The beginning of the story and the luxury kingdom.

    1853 Cartier's relocation to the number. During this period, France was under the rule of Napoleon III. Celebrations and dances are Paris's daily social activities. The glory of the Second Empire has greatly promoted the operation and development of Cartier. Due to the favor of Napoleon's young cousin, Princess Mathilde, Cartier's business quickly fluttered, and the Paris royal family and nobles were swept at the time.

    In 1859, Cartier was relocated to the most fashionable central region code in Paris. Louis-I hope his career can be passed down from generation to generation, so he taught the craft to the eldest son Louis-鄄 Fred (1841 ~ 1925), and let him operate the company as a partner. In 1874 give him. After that, Alfred also continued the development of Cartier's business with his son in 1898.

    1899 Cartier's important further, relocated the store to Heping Street () No. 13 (), a high -end commodity center in Paris. The century -old old shop decoration is elegant and luxurious. Move. In 1902, Cartier opened a shop on the streets of London and opened a store in New York in the same year to develop the US business. The building on the fifth avenue of New York became Cartier's headquarters in the United States. This building was exchanged for the lady of New York real estate tycoon with a pair of black pearl necklaces. At that time, the market value was located at $ 1 million. After the unremitting efforts of the two generations, Cartier has gradually developed into the world's most respected watch and jewelry dealer, which is highly respected by the European royal family. Prince of the British King of Wales praised Cartier as "the emperor's jewelry dealer, the emperor of the jewelry dealer." In 1902, Prince Wales specially ordered 27 crowned headdress from Cartier and worn it at the ceremony of Edward VII. Essence

    1904 Edward VII gave the Cartier Royal Appointment. Since then, Cartier has successively received the appointment of royal rooms such as Spain, Portugal, Russia, Siam, Siam, Greece, Serbia, Belgium, Romania, Egypt, and Albania, as well as the appointment of the Duke of Orleans and Monaco. It is a very creative genius with high appreciation taste and excellent business mind. He has a strong interest in luxury decorations and clocks, especially for clocks. He has carried out precise technological innovations, especially the famous "charm clock", and also applied for patent protection. In these two fields, he also fully shows his talents as a jewelry dealer.

    Cartire lighter has integrated some design inspiration and styles from Egypt, Persia, Far East and Russian ballet () into the design of richer geometric patterns and abstract design. In 1906, they began to apply strong colors and some new materials, such as agate, corals, etc., and formed a new artistic style. This style was known as "Artdeco" after the international modern decoration and arts exhibition held in Paris in 1925. It has since been famous for the world and leads the trend of contemporary art and fashion. Under the management, Cartier kept maintaining innovation and vitality. He has innovated jewelry design style, which has made a huge contribution to the development of jewelry and watches, laying a good foundation for the new form of the precious goods market. With the efforts of their three brothers, high -end jewelry (), clocks, and accessories have become a major field of art led by the Cartier family.

    In the 21st century, Cartier is already the world's most top luxury jewelry watch brand. It is synonymous with classics and innovative design and superior craftsmanship. It is a leader in the field of jewelry and clocks. Cartier, which has a century -old history, still moves celebrities and stars around the world with its elegant and noble temperament, realized the luxurious dreams of today's fashion people, and created the world -famous legendary stories. It has more than 220 boutique stores and unique distribution networks on the five continents. Based on its rich professional knowledge and experience, Cartier occupies an important position at every important historical moment. Cartier is from the legend of generations 150 years ago. It has exuded its unique charm in the luxury field and wrote a successful history.

  2. My classmates are doing the topic of diamond cultural marketing recently. I told me Cartier all day ...
    I don’t know if you are talking about the story of the Duke of Windsor who loves the beauty and mountains. The second American civilian woman Mrs. Simpson got married and gave up the throne.
    In Windsor Duke in order to express his love, the Jewelry dealer Cartier of the royal family designed four jewelry for the Duke of Windsor, namely "Cheetah" brooch, "BIB" necklace, "Tiger" long -handled glasses and "ducks" "ducks" Head "brooches.
    Cartier's representative cheetah brooch is famous for this.
    Pevy, the Duke of Windsor, who was deeply loved by her husband, received a jewelry box with 57 Cartier jewelry. Designing these exquisite jewelry for the Duke Windsor is the outstanding female artist Jean Tu San. She created the jewelry of jewelry with animals as the main body, and made Duke Windsor the first representative of animal -shaped jewelry.

  3. Shan Dusi? tank? Radini? Love?

    What are you talking about that series? Every series has a story · ~~~

    but the story of love seems to have not heard of it. ~~ Most of them are friendly stories ·~

    love series It was born in 69. It originated from the American Liberation Movement. People lost their loyalty to love ~~ So Cartier designed the bracelet of the screw up. Support each other · ~~

    P. After this series was born, an earrings · necklace · watch, etc. are launched ~ · ·

    This is the only thing about love about love It's ·

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