Spending 6 billion self -rescue, Zhao Benshan was involved in 40,000 pounds of gold and was caught by suicide. How did the daughter respond?

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  1. Speaking of Zhao Benshan, I believe everyone is familiar with it. Every year, how many joy he brings to us on the Spring Festival Gala stage, and also left us a lot of classic works. Therefore, he is concerned about the king of short dramas, and you can see how high the recognition of him is.
    "Small King" Zhao Benshan Zhao Benshan, since the first time in 1988 to the Spring Festival Gala, has successively attended the 21st Spring Festival Gala. It is definitely a veteran of the Spring Festival Gala. Blind Date "," I want to have a home "," Uncle Niu "," Red Sorghum Model "," Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow "," Selling Camp "," Selling Car "," Not Wrong Money "," You at the same table ".
    It reports that Zhao Benshan has won the first prize of the short drama program thirteen times, becoming an irreplaceable symbol of the well -deserved CCTV Spring Festival Gala, and the deserved king of short dramas. Because of this, Zhao Benshan became popular and became an idol for worship of all people.
    But since Zhao Benshan left the Spring Festival Gala, we rarely saw him on the stage. Although it is not going to the Spring Festival Gala, it does not mean that Zhao Benshan is idle. The filming of "Rural Love" and "Liu Laogen", the performance of Liu Laogen's big stage, has his busy figure. Now Zhao Benshan and a pair of children born to the current wife have also grown up and can share the family. We can often see the live broadcast of daughter ball and son Niu Niu, and Zhao Benshan's wife Ma Lijuan often appears in the live broadcast room.
    The ballies revealed that Zhao Benshan's current situation has previously rumored rumors about Zhao Benshan's family immigrants in Canada or Singapore. Therefore, some netizens asked where the ball house was in the live broadcast. "Shenyang's", rumored rumors. Earlier, there have been rumors that Zhao Benshan's daughter's ball has long immigrated to Singapore. It is rumored that when the ball was studying in Singapore, he had already completed the immigration procedure. At that time, the ball had just went to junior high school. Zhao Benshan then rumored: "I have no immigration to any country, I love China, I will always be Chinese."
    The daughter of Zhao Benshan's daughter's ball and mother Ma Lijuan live broadcast. During the live broadcast, the small ball live broadcast was already buying a house in Beijing. The ball revealed that her father hoped that she would return to the northeast to develop, but many companies in the ball are now in Beijing. In addition, renting a house in Beijing is very expensive and inconvenient, so Zhao Benshan invested capital to buy a house in Beijing for her.
    During the live broadcast, some viewers asked Zhao Benshan's recent situation. The small ball revealed that she planned to see her father next time, and she would live together. It is expected to be on December 5. The small ball also revealed that his father had fallen asleep. After all, he was older. He was not as older than before. Recently, the new drama has just killed you, so he is very tired, so he has already rest. Some netizens pretended to be Zhao Benshan's name and avatar, and the ball was scolding. If it was a fan of Zhao Benshan, she should be changed. She saw such an impersonation very uncomfortable.
    This Ball's rumor that Zhao Benshan's arrest was rumored to talk about the recent situation of Zhao Benshan, and it was also a rumor that he was arrested by Zhao Benshan. Since Zhao Benshan withdrew from the stage of the Spring Festival Gala, the outside world has never interrupted his various rumors, and has been rumored to have been rumored in the past and serious illness. Recently, the rumors of Zhao Benshan's arrest have been exposed, and many netizens are very surprised by this. There was also the news that Zhao Benshan was arrested, attempted suicide in the process, and found 40,000 catties of gold at home. This rumor has a great impact on Zhao Benshan. Now the small ball reveals that Zhao Benshan's recent situation is also a rumor.
    In 2013, Zhao Benshan Yongbie Spring Festival Gala Stage, but there was always a voice hovering on the Internet. You left the rivers and lakes, and the rivers and lakes still remembered you. Regarding Zhao Benshan's departure, there were a lot of speculation in the audience. As the guess increased, an article entitled "Zhao Benshan was officially arrested for suspected crime" was spread on the Internet.
    This article wrote that 20 tons of gold was found in his house. Later, Zhao Benshan's apprentices were rumored, but the effect was very small, but the incident became bigger and bigger. In the end, it turned out that it would not help Zhao Benshan's spending 6 billion to rescue himself. At the same time, he also released a live photo of Zhao Benshan's arrest. In the photo, Zhao Benshan was arrested in handcuffs, his eyes were panicked, and he seemed very embarrassed. However, why did such a big news not report or hot search. Obviously this was a rumor.
    It conclusion and the so -called arrest is also replaced by Zhao Benshan after PS. In 2016, some netizens vocalized and scolded the rumors and released the comparison photos of the original picture and PS. It's really painstaking! In Zhao Benshan's physical reasons, he was no longer on the Spring Festival Gala, but the rural love he shot had been broadcast to many ministries. No TV series had so much?
    A Zhao Benshan also showed a video at home at home, and filmed video performances with his apprentice Song Xiaobao. He usually had to eat like a normal person and sleep. Occasionally, he also appeared on the stage of Liu Laogen to sing a song and gave it to the stage. The audience was surprised.

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