5 thoughts on “The birthday of a good friend is coming. What gifts do you give?”

  1. Many people advocate that invitations to eat for their friends on their birthdays on their birthdays. It is too old to put friendship on the dining table, and after a meal, they will not leave too deeply in their hearts. Therefore, in addition to giving him a good blessing, his friend's birthday should also give him some small gifts, so as to enhance the feelings between each other. If you do n’t know what a small gift is most meaningful for a friend ’s birthday, you may wish to look at the four types mentioned in the article.


    Micards are the assembly toys loved by many young people at the moment. This product is challenging, and the granules are small. The characters are very realistic. If a friend usually likes what type of cartoon building blocks, you will give him it yourself. The value of this gift is much higher than that of a meal! Moreover, after the micro -building block is assembled, it is a artwork at home. Every time my friends see this gift, I think of you in my heart, which can enhance the feelings between each other.

    mart jewelry

    The types of handmade jewelry are many types. Girls can send pro -knitted scarves, hats or hairpins; boys can send the belt, Although wallets, etc., these things are not very expensive, but it is very special to give friends as a birthday gift. Such a gift can not only make people feel your intentions, but also very practical. Friends always think of giving gifts at all times. People can make the two hearts closer!

    Customized book

    The custom book is very popular on the Internet. This gift can be made according to your needs. Together with a storytelling book, the store will wrap a film when designing this book. The waterproof and anti -firing and preservation time will be very long. Whenever the picture quality is high -definition, you can see the two people when you look through it. Interesting things, recording the lively life between yourself and friends, customized books as gifts are very special!

    The original mobile phone case

    The mobile phone brands are many now, the main features are different, many people can't help chopping their hands when the new mobile phone is released, but for delicate young people In terms of, it seems that buying a mobile phone case is much more difficult than a mobile phone! Now the definition of mobile phone cases is not only protecting mobile phones, but also a symbol of young people's personalization, so a friend's birthday is definitely surprising that the mobile phone case with his original personal characteristics is definitely surprising!

    In short, it is not difficult for friends to send meaningful small gifts for a friend ’s birthday. Sorry friends can refer to four gifts in the article to ensure that friends can feel full when they receive it. Love!

  2. My friend's birthday is coming. What gift is good? This can be given a gift she used according to his usual needs. If you don't want to send anything special, then send the cake.

  3. If your good friends often sit in front of a computer table, I suggest you send her a Shule multi -function warm wind table. This table can adjust the height, so that the eyes and the screen can reach the same height, scientifically protect the cervical spine, and support multiple models of mobile phone wireless charging, get rid of wired constraints, and keep the messy desktop tidy.

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