2 thoughts on “There is gold in your hand. Where can I sell the price high?”

  1. Compared with the recycling of other luxury goods, the recycling of gold jewelry is a unique system. The merchant handed the recycled old gold jewelry to the golden refinery, refined and renovated the old gold, and then made a new gold jewelry and flowed into the market. The recycling price of recycling gold jewelry will not consider these costs. Only the value of the gold raw material itself is not related to the brand and the selling price of gold jewelry. The key is that the number of gold and international gold price on the day. Therefore, it is best to choose gold recycling to go to a regular luxury recycling company.

  2. If you need to turn the funds now, you want to realize the gold in your hand to see what the price is reasonable. The highest recovery price is the "real -time gold price of the Shanghai Gold Exchange".
    The is very convenient to recover gold now. Log in to Alipay and enter "Gold Recycling" directly in it. Choose "Stocking Golden" and his family is a professional recycling company. Try not to choose a small merchant. They set a high recovery price. Don't think that you have made it, thinking that they will deduct your losses and wear costs, etc. This is not cost -effective. Therefore, you must choose from a regular recycling company for transactions. They generally do not charge you for wear and wear costs. They also directly recover according to your invoice weight, and the price they recycled is also determined by reference.

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