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  1. Dalian tourist souvenirs include shell carving, seafood, fruits, crafts, clothing, etc.
    1. Bay carving: The 100 kinds of shells of the sculptors are used as raw materials. According to the color and shape characteristics of each shell, use the traditional carving techniques and Chinese painting composition forms to be refined into semi -three -dimensional relief flowers, landscapes, characters and other shell sculptures Painting, realistic and lifelike.

    2. Sea Eight Zhen is the most popular seafood in Dalian, including sea cucumber, abalone, scallops, shrimp, dumplings, sea red, dumplings, oysters, and the north of the sides of the sides of the sides The best quality participation. The "Five Elements Stabs" in Changhai County, Dalian, is known as the "King of the Crossing" and has a very high nutritional value and is listed as the head of "Hai Babao". In addition, the common edible seafood in Dalian also includes conch, kelp, mud, tweezers, small wave snails, and various fish, shrimp, algae and other products. Among them, dried fish made of horse -faced fish, squid, eel, etc. is a favorite snack.
    3. Dalian Yellow Peach Dalian Yellow Peach is the leader of the natural hybrid seedlings of the ancient yellow peach variety "early golden peach" in my country. The yield, cold resistance, large fruit, formal, thick meat, mellow, storage, and transportation resistance. These 16 words are the concentrated summary of Dalian Huang Tao's comprehensive characteristics. Today's canned products in Dalian Huangtao have been famous at home and abroad. Cherry Dalian has a complete variety of cherries, mainly in more than 30 varieties such as red lights, red honey, the best brocade, giant 1338, and Golden State Big Cherry. The cherry produced here is authentic, rich in nutrition, and green without pollution. Its origin is mainly concentrated in the Lushunkou District and Jinzhou District. Lushunkou District has become one of the best planting areas in my country and even the world's cherry with its unique geographical location and climatic conditions.
    4. Apple Dalian is the "hometown of Apple" in China. There are more than 100 Apple varieties, and there are dozens of main cultivation. Including excellent varieties such as Zhu Guang, August Crispy, Yingqiu, Gold, Marshal, Red Jade, Banana Apple, etc., but the most well -known is Guoguang Apple, which is moderate sweet and sour, crispy and delicious, thick and tough, and easy to store.
    The shopping location of Dalian n The across streets of the railway station are relatively large, and the streets are relatively concentrated. When you come here, you must be mentally prepared. Like the underground of Shengli Plaza, you must have a bargaining skills.
    Dalian City, Dalian's favorite, but the terrain is a strange door, and it is not clear to visit the rolling of eight times and eight times. If you want to experience it, you can try it, but the friendship prompts to bring a compass. The compass is best to have a local guide, and it must be shopping.
    Qingniwa Bridge, the general name of the business district in front of the station, is the largest and most prosperous business district in Dalian.
    The underground of Shengli Plaza, super large, easy to get lost, wide range, boutique, leisure brand stores, Korean cities, novel gift shops. Remember! Be sure to bargain, the kind of half -price turn!
    Xi'an Road, the second largest business district of Dalian, especially recommending his night market. After the shopping mall was closed at 9 pm, snacks, accessories, daily necessities, cosmetics, clothing, and clothing, which can be described as dazzling.

  2. Although Dalian is a tourist city, because it was only opened in the late Qing Dynasty, the history is not long, so there are not many souvenirs. It is very different from those cultural cities that have been moving for thousands of years.
    First of all, travel commemorative products, look at historical and cultural products, products of the major period of travel, industrial commemorative products, etc. Although not many, it is not completely absent. Dalian also has special development brands, such as "Dalian people" industrial cultural and creative sector, "Dalian people" is a more popular cultural and creative brand in Dalian in recent years. If you want to travel souvenirs, you can consider it. There are places, you can also pass through the network.
    Fhow special products, such as big bone chicken, big cherry, sea cucumber, etc., the characteristics of the seaside cities, Dalian, and its unique unique, but the distribution is not scattered, the most important thing is the packaging. The most important thing is the packaging. Waiting for primitive. Of course, the "Dalian people" mentioned earlier also have this thing, and it is also possible to bring it back as a tourist souvenir. What's more, there are some souvenirs of marine cultural and creative.
    The Dalian tourist souvenirs are some things of Dalian themselves. Although they are developed for local people in Dalian, they are also characterized by Dalian as a souvenir. For example, the Dalian people are too large series, the Dalian explore series, and so on.

  3. Dalian's tourist souvenirs are mainly shells, shell carving, pearl necklace bracelets, etc. The general price is not expensive.
    It is mainly sold in Russian Style Street on the north of Shengli Bridge, and major attractions are also sold.
    The special food is a variety of seafood. There are some vacuum packaging small seafood, grilled fish slices, etc., and some of the high -end are gift packaging sea cucumber and abalone.

    The where to go in Dalian Tourism:
    1) Zhongshan Plaza
    The most representative Dalian Plaza. It is very charming. The building in the square has Gothic and Baroque. It is built during the colonial period. Each building has its own style. Zhongshan Plaza is the most important symbol of the city in the hearts of Dalian. N
    Id everyone to get out of the bus, enjoy quietly at the center of the square, every modern building, and then you can find a coffee house to sit down in the nearby Yan'an Road to enjoy the backflow of time. There are similar buildings on Russia Street and Japan, but it is not worth going.

    2) People's Square
    The rectangular square of the city government, court, and the Public Security Bureau. At that time, the unified planning can be seen that the Japanese do things seriously. In the past, they were very careful. There will be music fountains from April to October. The water pillar dances with music. It is very appreciated. The center also has a national flag pole. Every day in the national flag of Dalian, there are special national flag class soldiers. Essence If you have not felt the flag raising in Tiananmen, you can see it here and feel the rise of the country. When we were abroad, the most hope is that China is strong and can make overseas travelers such as Chinese cities, culture and traditions, so that foreigners respect the Chinese and Chinese culture.
    If you are lucky, you can see the female mortar police riding the British high -headed Malaysia, showing their coolness to tourists around the square, and many TV series crew, which will also appear in various squares. Maybe maybe You will also be recorded into the show.
    I suggest that you can go to the Olympic Plaza west of the People's Square. There are restaurants and snacks in the ground, there are Parkson shopping, and there are coffee shops such as winners, Starbucks coffee.

    3) Xinghai Plaza
    The largest squares in Asia, which is very shocking. It is the result of Dalian's largest square project in recent decades. The starting point of the western part of Binhai Road. The first and second phases of the exhibition center often held a large -scale international exhibition. The Sheraton Castle Hotel in the east is the most attractive scenery. This is built by the German Swanbao, a bit of the German atmosphere.
    The square is very large. It is recommended to play with friends who go to the center of the center slowly, and then go to the park in the sea to blow the sea breeze and take a walk. Although there is a coffee house i55, the outdoor sea breeze is very large, it is still self -contained Bring a bottle of water, the drink is better. There are many restaurants nearby. It is recommended to Shanghai City. It is more charm and the price is high, but the taste and service are the best. There is also a good grain of Japanese cuisine.

    4) Binhai Road
    Binhai Road was a sightseeing road built by the Dalian Municipal Government in the 1980s.
    The starting point in the east is the sea rhyme square. The starting point of the west is Xinghai Plaza, which is about 33 kilometers long. There are many worthwhile attractions in the middle.
    Strophic from the east to the west, there are the following scenic spots,
    a Haizhiyun Plaza B Stone Momed Island C Fisherman's Pier and Tiger Beach E Beibei B Bird Nest Ridge, Fujiazhuang H Forest Zoo, Phase 2 I Golden Beach J Star Sea Plaza

    If you have time, you can follow the above order and slowly walk for a day. A wind and sunny weather, walk slowly in Binhai Road to appreciate, if it rains or cools down, the plan is suspended. Only in the warm sunny weather can you feel the beauty of Binhai Road. Broken yourself, and just want to go home.

    5) Bangmo Island
    The is the place where the country leaders are receiving the country. Anyway, I think it is better than the best park abroad. There are beaches with cobblestone, beautiful villa mountains, islands, blue sky, green trees, white clouds, really beautiful!
    Hot spring, there are swimming pools, catering, accommodation, expensive price, very good service. If you have time, you can stay at the Hammer Island Hot Spring Hotel for two days to enjoy the holiday of the guest -level.

    6) Fisherman's Wharf and Tiger Beach
    Fisher Fisherman's Wharf, I don't know when it will be built. Anyway, I was there when I returned to China. You can go there to see, the model is the same, that is, Dalian's one is made by imitating small fishing villages abroad, and it is also very comfortable. There is a coffee bookstore in the city of a cat on the seaside. Looking at the yacht stopped in the fishing port outside the window, and the European -style castle villa in the distance, it feels similar to it when it feels abroad.
    The marine hall on the tiger beach, you can go to see it, but if you have been to Hong Kong, Tokyo, Tokyo, , Or the aquarium in other countries, it is not necessary, because they are the same, that is, the huge fish tanks at home and putting some marine creatures to watch. I am not very interested in them, and prefer to eat them, hehe.

    7) Forest Zoo
    The second phase of the forest zoo on the seaside of Dalian is very delicious, I personally like it.
    from the first to the two In the period of the cable car, I recommend sitting. The cable car is the first and second phase of the zoo on both sides of Baiyun Mountain. You can see the panorama in Dalian and the sea. You can make children feel zero -distance contact with the animals. You must be optimistic about children. Don't let the ferocious beasts run across the fence. Safe first. Take a day of snacks. It is very comfortable to stay with the animals in the zoo for a day. The Panda Pavilion can see several islands scattered in the sea, where the scenery is charming.

    8) Labor Park and sightseeing tower
    I have a ticket when I was a child, and now I ’m free of charge, and I really went to write this travel guide. If I have n’t been to Dalian, it is worth ah, because I can see the panorama of Dalian Center. An entertainment project of the road slide, sitting on the ropeway to the green mountain, then go to the sightseeing tower to see the panorama in Dalian, and then slide down the slide. It feels super cool.
    The tourist tower was the TV tower before, and now it is only for sightseeing. For guests, friends who like to ascend to look far away can go to see the panoramic view of Dalian.
    In Labor Parks in Qingniwa Bridge in the old shopping area. Wait.

    9) Discover the kingdom and Jinshitan
    . If you are 13 years old and under the age of 28, it is found that the kingdom is a good place, which is completely created by people and horses. Design, and there are many exciting projects, and the environment is very fashionable and young. But if you are more than 28 years old or with a small baby, you will not recommend you to go.
    It Jinshitan is a tourist area promoted by Dalian. It is found that the kingdom is also one of them. There is also Tangfeng Hot Spring. The most beautiful place is the coastline. The city passed. Friends who like vacations and the seaside can go and see.

    10) Lushun
    is the area of ​​western Dalian. Because in the past, it was the management of the military region. I heard that it was not open before. I have been to those tour areas. This is a page of our country's shame. Friends who like history can go to see Wanzhong Tomb, Jiguanshan, 203 Highlands, Na, Na Land, Several attractions, when I saw it, I was full of the mood of the country. I hope China does not have such a dark history.

    11) University Town
    It in a city, I also like to visit local universities. The university represents a city atmosphere and literacy.
    The better universities in Dalian, such as Dalian University of Technology, Dalian Maritime University, a Lingshuihe area at Northeast University of Finance and Economics, the Tahewan area of ​​Dalian Medical University and Dalian University of Foreign Languages, these universities are very beautiful Essence I like it very much, especially Dalian Medical University depends on the sea. Dalian University of Foreign Languages ​​is beside. There are natural lakes in the mountains, beautiful scenery, and there are not many foreign people, suitable for leisure.

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