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  1. Zhang Fei Beef, Douban Douban, Pujiang Kiwi, Pujiang Rice Candy, Shuijingfang Wine n Zhang Fei Beef: Zhang Fei Beef is one of the traditional delicious flavors of Sichuan Langzhong beef processing factory. This dried beef won the Chengdu Industry Association's high -quality product silver award as early as the 1940s. Because the meat is not hard, moist and not soft, it is black inside, so it is called "Zhang Fei Beef". Clicply, tear the cut surface lightly, such as silver wire pine needles connected, chewing carefully, its taste is endless. In 1998, he won the high -quality product award of the Ministry of Commerce, and the first Bronze Award of the China Food Expo.
    Douban, Xixian County: Douban, Yixian County is the most famous local specialty in Qixian County. It has a long history of three hundred years. It is made of a set of fine and unique traditional craftsmanship. The fat fragrance is rich, reddish -brown oil, spicy but not dried, and the characteristics of mellow and long aftertaste are not only a must -have seasoning for Sichuan cuisine. It is used to make dishes, which is particularly flavorful, and can directly eat meals to make people appetite, and the tongue is fragrant. In the Chinese food industry, it has already won the reputation of "Sichuan cuisine soul". In particular, the "return pot meat", "Douban fish", and "Mapo Tofu", which are cooked with Douban Douban, have a strong Sichuan flavor and are recognized as the masterpieces of the orthodox taste of Sichuan cuisine.
    Pujiang kiwi: Pujiang County is located in the southwestern part of the Sichuan Basin, the southwest of the Chengdu Plain. The ecological vegetation is good, and the forest coverage rate is 49.16%. It enjoys the reputation of "Chengdu Garden and Green Pujiang". It is a provincial ecological county and national ecological demonstration area. Pujiang belongs to the subtropical monsoon humid climate, has no severe cold in winter, has no heat in the summer, mild climate, abundant rainfall, the soil is mainly yellow soil and purple soil. Essence Pujiang's unique geography, climate, soil and excellent natural ecological environment are very suitable for the growth of kiwi.

    Pjiang rice flower candy: rice flower sugar is a famous special product of Pujiang County, commonly known as ‘valley flower’. It was said that it was produced during the Xianfeng period of the Qing Dynasty, and it had a history of more than 200 years. Pujiang is also known as "the hometown of Chinese rice flowers." Pujiang rice flower candy, with its color white, sweet and crispy, refreshing residue, and the flavor of rice after food, it is loved by the people's public. It is an ideal food for tourism, leisure, and gifts to relatives and friends. Today, Pujiang rice flower sugar is mainly based on the "Sichuan Po brand" rice flower sugar series and "Shu Po brand" beige sugar series products. There are many varieties such as corn emperors and black rice emperors. Among them, the "Sichuan Po card" eggs are "Sichuan Province's First Tourism Product Gold Panda Award".

    Tijingfang wine: Shuijing Street Winery site is located in Shuijing Street, Jinjiang District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province. It is east of the intersection of the Fuhe and Nanhe. In August 1998, when Quanxing Co., Ltd. was transformed here, it was found that ancient winemaking was buried underground, and the Sichuan Provincial Museum was subsequently conducted an archaeological survey to determine the distribution of the site. From March to April 1999, under the direct leadership of the Sichuan Provincial Department of Culture and Chengdu Cultural Bureau, the Chengdu Institute of Cultural Relics and Archeology, the Sichuan Provincial Museum and the Sichuan Provincial Institute of Cultural Relics jointly carried out archeological excavations.

  2. 1. String incense:
    . It originated in Chengdu, Sichuan. It is not only one of the special traditional snacks in Sichuan, but also the most popular embodiment of grassroots food. Small hot pot.
    2, 火 Shaba hot pot:
    The red soup halogen with traditional hair belly hot pot and clear soup with banquet chrysanthemum hot pot. This product was originally called "Shuangwei Hot Pot". In 1983, the Chongqing team participated in the first national cooking competition. This kind of hot pot is separated by copper pieces in half, causing a Tai Chi graphic.
    3, the noodles are famous Chengdu snacks:
    This rolling noodles with flour, cooked, and stir -fry pork. The noodles of the dishes are thin, the marinade is crispy, salty is slightly spicy, and the aroma is fragrant. This dish is widely circulated in Sichuan, often as a banquet. The most famous in the face of the noodles is to count the bags. It is a hawker named Chen Bao in Zigong City founded in 1841. It was named because it was originally picking the burden along the street.
    4, Long Cubing hand:
    Expectedly in the 1940s. At that time, Zhang Guangwu, such as the "thick flower tea club" of Chunxi Road, discussed the joint venture to open a copy shop. When the name of the store was taken, the word "thick" was harmonized. The main features of Long Yongshou are: thin skin, tender filling, and fresh soup. The hand -made skin uses a special flour and a little ingredients, rubbing slowly, and rolling into a semi -transparent shape of "thin as paper, thin as silk".
    5, husband and wife lung tablets:
    The famous dish known as everyone in Chengdu. According to legend, in the 1930s, a man named Guo Chaohua near Chengdu, and his wife was used to make the sale of cold beef lung slices. Because of their delicate production and unique flavor, they are loved by people. To distinguish the general lung stalls, people call them "husband and wife lung tablets".
    Extension information:
    In Chengdu is located in the central part of Sichuan Province, west of Sichuan Basin, between 102 ° 54 ′ ~ 104 ° 53 ′ east longitude and 30 ° 05 ′ ~ 31 ° 26 ′ north latitude. 192 kilometers, 166 kilometers north -south, with a total area of ​​14,605 ​​square kilometers, of which the arable land area was 6.48 million mu.
    The northeast is adjacent to Deyang, southeast and Ziyang, connected to Meishan in the south, and bordering Ya'an, northwest of Ya'an, northwest. 1,600 kilometers away from the East China Sea, 1090 kilometers in the South China Sea, belonging to the inland zone
    Reference materials: Chengdu-Baidu Encyclopedia

  3. Haha, you have encountered people. If you do n’t know how to go online so late, you will show your identity first. Well, the words belong to the original:
    On famous snacks:
    Zhong Dumpling: Titan Street
    好 好 好: Chunxi Road
    On the mouth of Chunxi Road and Shudu Avenue.
    Lai Tangyuan: Pasting a little bit of Changfu Road along Shudu Avenue.
    The snacks above: 5-10 yuan.
    The famous snacks:
    dregs noodles, responsible noodles, rabbit noodles, knife noodles, Lanzhou ramen. You can go to the Wuhou Temple to eat authentic. The scum noodles are better on the area of ​​Kehua North Road.
    Schichawa jelly, Luo Bai sad powder, fat sausage powder can also be eaten in ordinary restaurants. To eat the authentic northern side of the train to eat the sad powder, the north station of the train eats the northern Sichuan jelly.
    It the bowl of chickens is also a delicious snack, and the Boshan Manto chicken is more authentic.
    This: Go to the local area of ​​Chengdu: Yulin skewers incense, there are head stores in Yulin, you can basically see branches everywhere.
    The hot pot: Chengdu: The mother of Huangcheng is good, you have to go to Qintai Road to eat. In addition, the opposite lion building is relatively good, but it is not a snack category.
    The hot pot: Kong Liang, Wu Ming, Liu and other hands are good.
    Bastes: Leshan barbecue, Xinjiang barbecue, barbecue, can be roasted by yourself: Korean barbecue, Korean barbecue, Baidu barbecue, etc.
    Lorun Ge: Chunxi Road
    Jin Hans: Shuangnan
    Brazilian barbecue: Chunxi Road, Ke North China Road is cheaper.
    and almost all of the major supermarkets have buffets.
    S snacks and buffets are mainly concentrated in Chunxi Road (city center), Ke North China Road (south), Yulin, Shuangnan (southwest)
    To do n’t understand what you can find me at any time. I wish the landlord to go to Chengdu well!
    It the double -stream rabbit head upstairs can go to Shuangnan to eat, because it is close to Shuangliu County
    It looks at 50 points again: The landlord said how to take the car, I don’t know where you are, I don’t know where you are, I don’t know where you are Get out of the car, I don't know how to take a car. I can only tell you that Chengdu people are very enthusiastic. Where do you ask? Most people will tell you, buses: ordinary 1 yuan, air -conditioning 2 yuan, no one sells tickets. Play: starting at 5 yuan, 1.4 yuan per kilometer.
    The place is too much, and it is delicious everywhere, I will focus on a place -Jinli! Next to the Wuhou Temple, it is eaten in it, and it is more distinctive!
    Stime snacks with unique flavors and many categories are as popular as their dishes. From all kinds of small noodles to copied hands, dumplings, from pickled to cold food, from pot fried honey to pastry soup, from cooking to puffed pornography, there is a variety of flavors, there are no less than 200 types. The streets and alleys in Chengdu can be seen everywhere. Most of these famous snacks were shot by small businessmen and hawkers in their early years, and they started to set up a stall on the street. Chengdu snacks are often named by hawkers' surnames and streets that are opened in stores. The signatures are rich and colorful, and the characteristics of the industry and the scenery of the store are deducted. The virtue of the cage steamed beef, the duck of the mouse hole, the cave mouth Zhang Lao five jelly, Tongjing alley noodles, etc. Today, some names have been relocated to the new site, but they still use the old name.
    The noodles in snacks include noodles, pillow noodles, bell dumplings, and dragons. The burden of red oil, peppercorns, salty sauce, end of buds, onion, monosodium glutamate, vinegar, etc. are used for rice. With minced meat, it is very delicious. It often eats a bowl of noodles, causing many children's dreams. Song Yan's noodles are a kind of fresh fish noodles. They are made of fish, buds, and germs into fish ravioli. They enter the noodles, which are very beautiful. Because it is invented by [Southern Song] The Tokyo people Song Wuzheng, there is a warm name. The bell dumplings are thin and tender, and red oil dumplings are used as sweet red soy sauce as condiments, highlighting the sweet salty and delicious flavor and the flavor of red oil garlic mud; clear soup dumplings are delicious and delicate. Chengdu's famous snack restaurant is "Long Copia". With copied hands as the leader, all famous snacks in Chengdu are in one store. Long coping hand is exquisitely made, thin skin, tender skin, moisturizing, soup flavor, and the name is vivid. If there is another white bee cake, Ye Er, glass -roasted wheat, extruded cake, beef caramel, Sichuan northern jelly, pearl Yuanzi, it will feel very comfortable. But please remember, it is not the opening of the dragon surname. The founder is several buds of the "thick flower tea club", taking its homophonic and dragon and phoenix. Chengdu's Tang Yuan is famous. Lai Tangyuan has a history of nearly a century, with a thin and fragrant fragrance, and has the characteristics of three non -stained: does not dip the bowl, does not stick to chopsticks, and does not stick to teeth. Black sesame chicken crispy washing sand is the most famous. When eating, add a small dish of white sugar sesame sauce, it is even more sweet! Many young friends have tasted the sweetness of life from it! Guo Tangyuan's heart was added to various honey, a bowl of four soups, all of which have different tastes. Well, there are "Guyuehu" Sanhe mud that are sweet and oily but not greasy, full of meat filling and extremely fragrant Korean buns, crispy and sweet flower cakes, white crystal pearl rounds, oil tea, dumplings, steamed steaming Steamed cakes, twist, hair cake, horseshoe cake, sugar oil, "three cannons", hot and sour powder, jelly noodles, bowl cakes, fat sausage powder, small pink buns ... and Chengdu's strange chicken nuggets, Strange flavor rabbit Ding, cool blocked belly, husband and wife lung tablets. Marinated products are Chengdu's "Wang Fat Duck" and mood cave chicken. ... Now, Chengdu's Food Festival is famous at home and abroad. Chengdu people love to eat, eat, and eat exquisitely. It can be full of the world!

  4. 1. Hot Pot
    鸳 鸳 鸳 is the red soup halogen of traditional hair belly hot pot and the clear soup of chrysanthemum hot pot chrysanthemum hot pot. This product was originally called "Shuangwei Hot Pot". In 1983, the Chongqing team participated in the first national cooking competition. This kind of hot pot is separated by copper pieces in half, causing a Tai Chi graphic.
    2, husband and wife lung tablets
    The famous dish well known by everyone in Chengdu. According to legend, in the 1930s, a man named Guo Chaohua near Chengdu, and his wife was used to make the sale of cold beef lung slices. Because of their delicate production and unique flavor, they are loved by people. To distinguish the general lung stalls, people call them "husband and wife lung tablets".
    3, Mapo Tofu
    Chen Mapo Tofu is an old famous shop named "Chinese Time" named by the country. In the early years of Tongzhi of the Qing Dynasty (1862), it opened in Wanfu Bridge in the northern suburbs of Chengdu. Formerly known as Chen Xingsheng, the chef was Chen Chunfu's wife. The tofu cooked by Chen's tofu is red and bright, beef is crispy, tingling, spicy, fragrant, crispy, tender, hot, and tidy. Always here.
    4, returning pot meat
    This meat is Sichuan special dish. It belongs to a traditional dish for pork in Sichuan cuisine. Western Sichuan is also called boiled meat. Sichuan every family can make it. The characteristics of returning meat are unique in taste, red and bright, fat but not greasy. The so -called return to the pot means cooking again. As a traditional Sichuan cuisine, the status of Sichuan cuisine is very important. Sichuan cuisine test often uses back pot meat as the preferred dish.

  5. 1. The> "> He's Tofu>>> Next to the Botanical Garden, the absolute tofu first. Recommended> "> Tomato Tofu>
    2, in front of Qidaoyan Street (in front of the Corps of Traffic Police Corps), there is a bean flower rice, which tastes great, and
    is cheap, three pieces of sauerkraut, three pieces of five pieces, and five pieces of beancoules One person, bean flower and rice can be eaten casually, you can order, you can order, specially recommended: fresh meat round and crispy meat, delicious! Intersection Intersection
    3, Yulin's skewers have been abused, a row of Chongqing hot pot restaurants on the South Road of Bauhinia, taste, price, and service are very good.
    4, the buckwheat noodles in the alley opposite Yanshikou Square are the best food in Chengdu.
    5, brown sugar dumplings of Huaxing fried egg noodles are delicious
    6, Yulin Huaxing fried There is a signs of a Chinese restaurant near the egg noodles delicious!
    7, Tai'anju on Changshun Street,> "> Beanhua Frog>">, there is no place to go after 6 o'clock
    8, Wenjiang Fair Town's> "胬 绝 绝 绝>">, along the street Full of more than 200 tables
    9, Wangping Street> "> Three Ear>"> Cold Pot Fish, go to line up after 6 o'clock to eat
    10, Wangping Street Chenghua Sichuan people next to the national tax, the chicken miscellaneous pot is delicious
    11, the bacteria king hot pot along the north of Dongcheng Genjie Street, the soup is tender, the nutrition is rich
    12, there is a small restaurant in Baojiaxiang> "> Luo Lamb> ">, Laurea, Lamb, add Sichuan pepper, positive
    13, in the alley behind the cultural palace, there is a sandpot rice, to eat Zhengshuang
    14 in winter, behind the exhibition center, the exhibition center There are two Sichuan cuisine very famous. In addition, there are> "> Red Delete Fuchuan Restaurant>>>, pots and pans are all western Sichuan style, each dish is unique
    , personally thinks:>> hot and sour buckwheat noodles>" "">>> Potato tomato sinking skin> ">>" garlic small row> "" "> cow
    meat red soup dumplings>" ">> cold radish>"> "extremely cool
    15, Kikule Road>"> Xuan Rabbit Top> ">, Shuangnan Community>"> Aunt Zhou>> Rabbit heads have unique flavors
    16, on the Qingjiang Road> "> Potasse shrimp>>,>"> Bench Copy Hand>> n17, Huaishu Street> "> Ye Qubai>"> No anymore
    18, there is a meal next to the meeting center, only two dishes are delicious: Yuanzi soup, chicken rice buds r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r r N19, the northeast corner of the water, a noodle restaurant, went to the night, there was no noodles
    20, and there was a soup bun next to the back door of the amusement park. From the road of soup buns to the direction of the oil road, there is a goose palm soup pot on the side
    . It tastes good.
    21, the barbecue at the high entrance of Xinhua Vocational is definitely bait. I do n’t know if the demolition is gone.
    22, there is a very simple string incense in Qingyang District, only 5 tables, but the taste is great.
    23, there is also a jade ribs on the streets of Mengwan Bay.
    24, there is a jumping fish in the north of the brown north. Niu B, only noon can
    The roast duck, basically not operated at 6 pm, and it has been opened for more than 20 years. It has never expanded the operating area. Recently, it was demolished to Wenwu Road and the Public Security Bureau.
    26, in the past, the hot business of South Road's business> "> Chiang Bakery Duck>">, now demolished Wuhou Avenue.
    27, Yantao Lane> "> Beef Hot Pot Powder>>, delicious, but now it seems gone.
    28, on the way to the Golden Horse, there is a farmhouse, selling> "> Montessori Calling chicken>">, delicious.
    29, the bald spicy crab in Wudingqiaokou is more famous in other places, but I personally think that it is no longer available
    30, there are homes on the road between the dormitory of the four -two 0 factory and the Wuyan dormitory area> "> Spicy Wang> ""
    31, there is a fat rabbit hot pot in the water crushing river, the taste is good, but there are many thieves inside. From the boss to the waiter, all of them are masters. Over the bag, I dare not go now.
    32, the Dujiangyan Night Beer is sold> ">" Buckwheat Noodles> ">, I have to pack it every time.
    33,> "> Red Star Rabbit Ding>"> I believe many people know that I have a friend in Shenzhen, and every time I go on a business trip
    , let me bring 3 pounds of cold ear pieces or rabbit Ding Ding past.
    34, Xinjin's> "> Fat Sister>> Yellow Spicy Ding, it was available in the early 1990s, and it did not fall for a period of time, but
    has recently been a few times and found that the business is hot. Cai:> "> Home Changshui Miko>"> It is particularly worth trying.

    35, at the junction of Emei and Leshan Expressway, there is a wild yellow and spicy, which is on a large boat under a very long bridge. Where is the number of houses stop? The yellow and spicy Ding there is definitely wild, and you can judge with his many years of experience.
    36, there are several> "> Xiba Tofu>>>>" "> Xiba Tofu>>, and I feel that it is not delicious. , Mixed chicken, chicken, bean sprouts are mixed together, and the taste is special.

    37, westward west extension line, do not go to the high speed, take Taoxian County, eat in Hongguang Town> "> Chiang Ching Ribs>"> Drink two bowls of porridge, Ba Shi.
    38, the ">" "" "" "Sailing Street>"> Houkou, there is an unknown bun shop, and the bun tastes very good. I read 13 of them before
    Class, go there two packs there, and now open.
    39, Jinjiaba has a bald fish hot pot. It is hot with flower chain meat. The taste is more authentic, but it is relatively spicy, and the paving surface is small.
    40, behind the Golden Bull District Court of the West Yan Line, there is a Ledshan Niuhua Malace Spicy. It is used in a casserole soup. I feel that it is better than what
    is more delicious, and it is more hygienic. The most disgusted with Yulin spicy hot hotness is that it is unhygienic. very messy.
    41, Xiaojiahe has three connected shops along the street for barbecue, and the taste is okay. However, I personally think that Chengdu's barbecue is spicy
    is heavier. I ca n’t eat any fragrance. Barbecue is still comparison of Yunnan and Hainan> delicious.
    42, there is a home in Zhangjiaxiang, North Gate> "> Jiangmen Mo Douhua>">, two dishes:>> "> Pubs of bean fried beef beef minced>"
    "> fish fragrant eggplant>">, fish The royal eggplant is running with oil first, and then drizzling. It is absolutely authentic Sichuan cuisine.
    43, beside the original South Red Swimming Pool of Binjiang Road, there is a home> "> Paul>" "> Bar, which is made by two foreigners. It is the base of Chengdu foreigners. The price is very cheap.
    44, Shuangliu Central Field Riverside Road, Meat Dawa Hot Pot, you can taste fresh field chicken, fair price, childless. Go early, there is no parking space.
    45, Xiaojiahe has a yellow spicy, the taste is extremely delicious, and the site is good. I sit on the Xiaojiahe embankment and eat it. Unfortunately, the river water is a bit smelly. But it does not affect the tender and deliciousness of the fish. After eating the fish, call the boss to open the fire and make a vegetarian dish. Special recommendation is recommended. Every time we eat it at the end, someone wants to take off the pants and go to the pot to clean it.
    46, hot pot powder in Yantao Lane, giant delicious
    47, a small plate of chicken on the street next to Yulin Middle School (high school), 28 yuan (small, send three plates of handmade noodles, send three three, send three of them Two or two white wines), four people can eat full
    48, beef powder downstairs in Ito. good to eat.
    49, He's cold pot fish. This is my love. I go to Chengdu once and once, go to Double twice, and eat three times
    triple. I can't wait to sleep, cook it. Behind the Wangfujing of President Street, the road on the road on the road of Chunxi Road, there are alleys, unknown. Looking at it, Lu Yu's famous king of the city skewed incense, and his eyes were squinting, that is, he saw the cold pot fish. The plaque at the shop only wrote the three words of cold pot fish, but the name is huge. The so -called cold pot fish,
    is the sashimi boiled fish. The taste is extremely beautiful, with spicy and spicy, spicy and fresh. And there are fresh bamboo shoots, supplemented, and more flavor.
    The ask how to ask? I don't know.
    50, Lai Tangyuan. This shop is located in Chengdu City, and McDonald's is not dense. I love the pearl round, small, cold entrance, glutinous but not greasy. Avoid sweets.
    51, Niuwang Temple cold cup. This street is very magical. Come to Niuwang Temple, eat non -first
    , focus on learning the corruption atmosphere of Shudu, and focus on the beauty of the whole city.
    52, pot. The Shu people are called Pizza of China, and my Chengdu meat cricket. But the skin is crispy and fresh, and the non -meat clip can
    and. Those who have braised meat are the most famous. The store is also available in Chengdu and can be eaten everywhere.
    53, Ye Er rake. This thing is even more amazing, outsourcing glutinous rice flour, clamping white sugar or meat filling inside. Those who clamp sugar have no special color and too greasy, but salty rake resistant. Wrap Ye Qingxiang outside the rake, so it is called Ye Er rake. There are no shops, all mobile hawkers, push a permanent bicycle, tie two giant barrels, and shout all the way> "> Yeer Rales>">, you can rush it, buy it, eat
    54, Yulin Cai City has available A Chongqing pot shrimp, yes, delicious, slightly spicy, medium spicy and spicy, and Tian snails. Intersection Intersection
    55, Xiaojiahe has a casserole skewers. It is delicious. I do n’t know if it is still in
    56, the western suburbs of Chengdu, there is a town rivers floating soup next to Sichuan Institute of Industry, it is delicious! Intersection Intersection Intersection
    57, Daci Temple, there is a Yunnan crossing bridge rice noodle on the small street next to the Jinjiang District Government, which tastes good!
    58, Yanshikou Plaza, the opposite door of the big business store, there is a duck, good
    59, there is a rejuvenating old -name loach, the buses of the buses, the casserole, the taste is spicy and fragrant, it feels like it feels, it feels like it Better buses than Huayang, or order a catfish, you can compare the tenderness of loach! By the way, there is also a special dish called honeycomb corn. I want to remember to say "add more corn"
    60, there is a Tianji radish hoof flower next to Xiaojiahe Hongqi Shopping Mall. Very rural sound

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