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  1. The disadvantages are easy to break, not firm, low value, and no value guarantee.
    . The broken diamond is easy to break, not firm and other series of problems.
    Is when buying a broken diamond ring, you need to choose that style for a long time, that is, the solid is better. After wearing a broken diamond ring for a while, it is necessary to clean up.
    . The value of broken diamonds is low.
    The smaller diamonds exist for the design sense. The actual value is not high, but the overall cost of the component of the diamond ring is greatly improved.
    . There is no value guarantee for broken diamonds.
    Is when buying a diamond ring, only the main diamond is reflected in the certificate. Those additional small broken diamonds are worthless. Therefore, do not be affected by fancy design when buying.
    Pet people choose to buy diamond rings. In addition to being decorated, it can also be worn because diamonds have a collection value, but the purchase price is not very high in economic strength, and it does not have the collection value.
    The actually as a collection, it is not appropriate to be less than 1 carat, and the diamond ring below 20 points in China will not even issue a diamond certificate, and there is no international certificate.
    It if you find an institution for authentication, this cost may be higher than the diamond itself. Therefore, instead of spending a lot of small drills, it is better to buy a large drill with a high score at a time.
    The expansion information: The broken diamond ring is a very many carat diamonds inlaid on the ring. These diamonds are generally not particularly large, but there are more in terms of quantity.
    It can arrange a variety of shapes and various styles according to different design concepts.
    This in the outside is actually very characteristic with the diamonds of M from the monolith. The broken diamond ring looks more luxurious and brilliant. His biggest advantage is that the number is huge.
    This experts are very complicated in the industry, and the requirements are particularly special. From the way of inlaiding its arrangements, his biggest advantage is fashion and very personalized.
    The reference materials: Phoenix.com-How much is the diamond ring diamond?

  2. Broken diamonds, first of all, are fragile, not firm and other issues. When buying a broken diamond ring, you need to choose the style of the style for a long time, that is, the solid is better. From the perspective of inlaid technology, finding the kind of inlaid is firm and generous in style. This diamond ring not only does not fall off, but also never out of date.
    Is when wearing a broken diamond ring, pay attention to the heavy work, especially when it is easy to get rid of the diamond work, it is best to remove the ring to prevent the diamond from falling off. In addition, when bathing, or when laundering and housework, you must take it off and maintain well.
    Is when wearing a broken diamond ring, check it frequently to see if the diamond is loose, and see if the inlaid part is damaged. If you have any problems, pick it off quickly, put it in the jewelry box, and get the jewelry shop for professional maintenance to prevent the diamond from falling off.
    After wearing a broken diamond ring for a while, it is necessary to clean up. If you want to clean it at home when cleaning, wash it in a container, and do not rinse directly at the sewer to prevent the diamond from being rushed into the sewer. It is best to get it in jewelry shop.

  3. Disadvantages of broken diamond rings
    1, broken diamond ring If inlaid process is not very detailed, the broken diamonds can easily fall off; R n3, there is also a disadvantage of broken diamonds that although it is a diamond, it does not preserve it. Even if it is cut, color, and purity, it will be ignored because of a small weight. The recovery price is also very cheap.

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