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  1. According to research, in the dowry where ancient women married, there were some sex supplies prepared by the cave houses prepared by the girl family for the girl. This was because at that time, women who got married were usually very young, and they closed their homes for a long time, especially when they communicated with the outside world and communicated with the outside world. Let ’s introduce the mysterious“ eight -piece ”sexual products of ancient women's dowry:
    Porcelain shoes: The ancients have always had a soft spot for small feet women. This pair of small porcelain shoes, 5X5.5X12cm, coordinated ratio, golden yellow base, painted with different flowers such as peony, peony, plum blossoms, etc. There are five colors of red, light purple, dark blue, and light green. The shoe has a red style of the carcass, and the font is dignified and beautiful. What's even more surprising is that the edges of the small shoe are covered with silver guards. The connection between the shoe and the soles of the sole is decorated with silver dragons and phoenixes, flying, and a bright red coral bead. The tip of the shoe is welded with a thin silver strip roll, and a small butterfly pattern on the front mouth of the shoe is also a small butterfly pattern. The bustling luxury of the small porcelain shoes, and the silver is also ingenious, which has a great role in promoting the irritating sex.
    The white handkerchief or white 或者 or other similar things: It is said that the ancient women would show the white cricket with a red dot after the wedding night to prove her innocence. If she could not show the consequences after the wedding night Oh! It is said that the bride's marriage with his mother's family has a white 绫 for this use!
    The copper box for placed drugs: This is a sex drug used by both men and women in the intercourse, but it is specific in it There is no verification of what is installed. According to the descriptions of classical books and modern novels, the drugs in it are likely to be used for aphrodisiac for men. In addition, it may also be a kind of pour medicine powder, which is convenient for the new aunt and the bride to enter the state faster and promote the "communication" of both parties.
    Gall support: This is the "great gift" given to the new aunt by the mother's family. The popular point is the male masturbation device sent by the woman. Someone is curious. What is the thing to get married with marriage with such a thing? If you can think of women's menstruation every month, women's sexual hunger and thirst of men after October. Yin Tuozi is said to be the heaviest tool in the entire Jin Ping Mei, and it is also the longest tool for Ximen Qing. The method of use in the novel is that Yin Touzi has no controversy at present, because there is still real objects. It can be seen that the spread of Yin Tuozi as a sexual tool is extensive and long -term.
    "Spring Palace" porcelain: Don't look at this little porcelain. This is the "bottom of the box" object that the mother is married when the woman is married. What is it used for? Open it to see the large -scale men's and women's sex porcelain inside, and you know that this is the first thing used to let women learn the bed between husband and wife.
    Oiring underwear: This is an open crotch pants, but it is not specially set up for people who have incontinence, but the special products of ancient brides. Because most of the ancient parents were married, the groom and bride did not have seen each other in front of the cave, so it was a bit embarrassing to take off your clothes when he met for the first time. The woman's parents use this open crotch pants as a dowry, so that the daughter to wear it during the first intercourse can reduce psychological obstacles, but also allows the man to make premature ejaculation because the woman is too excited because the woman takes off her clothes, or she is shy. It is difficult to play normally.
    The new shoes with spring palace paintings: In addition to sexy underwear, when ancient women marry, there will always be a few pair of new shoes in the marriage items. This shoe seems to be common. In fact Hidden mystery. It turns out that the soles are painted in the spring palace map. The purpose is to avoid the two people in the cave and the candle night because they have no sexual experience and embarrass each other. They draw a clear sexual posture chart to guide how to sex. Alas, the ancients were really good at heart!
    mysterious box: In fact, the jewelry of this ancient woman's dressing box is the dowry of the mother's family. There is less with a dowry, and the woman has no status when she goes to her in -laws. It's better to buy a house now. The times are different. The boys have become the most difficult group. Who can't afford the high house prices! The woman in the mysterious dark box hidden in the Warring States Period of the Warring States Period has begun to lead the noodles, and Dai Black thrush turns himself into Yan. How can I attract my husband's continuous favor?

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