1 thought on “What do the shopping bags in the mall do?”

  1. One is a popular paper bag for popular packaging. Most of these paper bags use rotation printing and automatic production lines to complete bag making. Materials for making paper bags are mostly used. The specifications and patterns of paper bags are rigid. Its advantages are high production efficiency and suitable for mass production.

    The other type is a beautiful, exquisite packaging and shopping bag. Such paper bags are generally printed with single paper, dependent on hand -made or semi -automatic production. Cowhide paper, copper paper, and cardboard are often selected as materials for processing paper bags.

    The paper bags and paper cowhide paper provided by Gali Paper in Dongguan area is not bad. Most of them are used for packaging, gift bags or advertising bags for various business activities. It is characterized by any shape and specifications of paper bags, but the process is more complicated and the production efficiency is low.

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