What is a cowhide paper bag?

Seeking science, by the way, please introduce a cowhide paper bag manufacturer, you need to customize such a bag

2 thoughts on “What is a cowhide paper bag?”

  1. Cowhide paper is a material that can be used as packaging. The intensity is high than ordinary paper. Usually yellow brown. And widely used, such as envelope paper, glue paper, asphalt paper, cable protective paper, insulating paper, etc. The bag made of cowhide paper is called cowhide bags.
    Ifly if you need to customize such a bag, you do n’t have to find a specialized cowhide paper bag manufacturer, because cowhide paper bags are also one of the paper bags! Therefore, you can find a professional Ficknas paper bag factory. After all, the manufacturer of paper bags will be more than a professional cowhide paper bag manufacturer.

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