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  1. Women's ring gold is not very small. Most of the gold rings are lively. For more than 3 grams, 7 or 8 grams are slightly wider. You can choose a thinner. It is a bit stupid. Such a ring generally does not exceed 7 grams, that is to say, if you buy a thousand enough money, it will not be higher than 1750. Choose it carefully. Maybe you can buy about 3 grams.

    r to around 250, which is around 225.

  2. Generally, one thousand can buy a gold ring of about 3 grams. However, it depends on the gold price of the day, and then take the weight of the ring, coupled with the manual fee, is that some complicated pattern pattern rings processing costs will be more expensive. The lightest gold ring is generally 2-3 grams, and it cannot be smaller. If you want to buy a cheap ring, you can also consider the silver ring, or the 18K gold ring, the price will be cheaper than the gold. 18K gold is a ring with only 75%gold content. Its color can be changed according to the material of another 25%metal. The price will be cheaper than the thousands of gold. Platinum is also a good choice. Platinum is more hard and wear -resistant, and gold is easy to deform. The price of platinum is slightly more expensive than gold, but it will not be much more expensive. In fact, it is not important to buy how expensive the ring, as long as the two really love each other.

  3. More than 500 plain circles are very generous!
    don't buy it in the big brand! They are all prescribed, very expensive, the same thing is much more expensive!

  4. 18K is also K750
    K means K gold means, and 750 represents gold content. Usually collecting gold
    and K gold are collected at the market price. For example, the current gold is 1 Ker 255 and your ring is 18K is
    255 multiplied by 0.75 equal to 191.25 and this 191.25 is the price of 18K gold per gram. It is emerald or the like. It is best to get the local jewelry appraisal bureau to identify it to make a jewelry appraisal. N (for example, the current gold is 1 gram 255, and your ring is 18K is
    255 multiplied by 0.75 equal to 191.25 and this 191.25 is the price of 18K gold per gram) Gold jewelry depends on the price of gold at the time plus the manual fee (except K gold jewelry) and recovered K gold gold. Usually the K gold on the market is divided into 22K
    , etc.
    and K gold refers to the alloy mixed with gold and other metals. Because its English is
    The unit is divided into 24 copies. According to the gold content in jewelry, it is divided into different K gold, so 24K refers to pure gold, 18K gold content is 18/24 = 75.0%, and because the gold content of 18K gold is 75.0%, it is also called 750.

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