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  1. First, the certificate logo
    The issuance agency must be authorized after the national qualification identification. The sign of the general certificate is: "CMA CAL CNAS", at least there must be a CMA mark. Organization recognition and national laboratory recognition. To confirm its authenticity, you can inquire with the complaint department of the country or local quality inspection agencies.
    1. "CMA" is an English abbreviation of China Metrology. It is a comprehensive certification and evaluation of the testing of the testing agency by the provincial -level people's governments at the provincial government at or above the provincial people's government at or above the provincial level. The sign refers that the agency is a unit that passes through the authentication review, and it is a qualification that any unit issuing a jewelry appraisal certificate. The inspection report with the "CMA" mark can be used for product quality evaluation, results and judicial appraisal, and has legal effect.
    2. "CAL" is an English abbreviation of the China Evaluation Laboratory (China). It is a symbol of review and recognition and authorization. It is an administrative approval system for quality inspection institutions and authorized national, provincial quality inspection centers, and quality inspection stations for quality inspection institutions that undertake supervision and inspection and arbitration inspection tasks. The appraisal certificate with this logo is authoritative and legal.
    "CMA" and "Cal" are marked with the certification number passed by the laboratory.
    3. "CNAS" Chinese abbreviation of China National Services (China National Service) is a national recognition symbol of the Chinese laboratory. Using the CNAS logo, the laboratory has passed the relevant recognition of the China Qualified Evaluation of the National Appraisal Committee.
    Secondly, the detection content
    includes jewelry name, gem quality level, shape, color, clarity, total quality and other items.
    The physical picture on the certificate to test the physical products. The inspection certificate corresponds to the product one by one. It is the only identity document of each product, including: the photos of the sample, the weight on the label and the weight on the certificate, the appearance of the jewelry and the description of the description.
    photos are direct evidence that distinguish between different jewelry and jade. The identification certificate photos are clear and accurate, which will greatly increase the difficulty of falsification. However, in some cases, because the jewelry style is similar and the photos are similar, it is difficult to distinguish. At this time, the accurate weight is another valid data that can be verified. In addition to photos and weight, the identification certificate will also provide some distinctive appearance characteristics, such as the sugar color of jade, the bracelet's hand inch, and so on.
    third, test conclusion
    According to national standards, natural jewelry and jade no longer indicate the word "natural", and gems that are manually treated or synthesized must be clearly shown. For example, the conclusion is "ruby" It shows that this ruby ​​is pure natural output; "ruby (processing)" is a specific treatment method that indicates that this ruby ​​is a natural gem, but in order to improve its appearance, it has been manually handled by some method; "synthesis synthesis; synthesis "Ruby" indicates that there are non -natural output of rubies, but a purely artificial laboratory qualified product.

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