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  1. 18K gold, 24K gold, thousands of gold, platinum, titanium steel, and pure flavonoid jewelry will not fade and turn black.
    This is black because the sulfur in the silver and the air occurs into a black silver sulfide. Therefore, silver jewelry cannot be in contact with perfume, fragrant powder, bastard, sulfur soap, sweat and acid town gas, etc. Essence

    If you are worried about fading, you can choose pure gold or sterling silver, or even yellow K gold. These cleaning generally will not fade.
    If the phenomenon of oxidation, it is best to choose pure platinum or pure gold jewelry, because silver is more likely to be oxidized and dark spots, but for silver jewelry, you only need to choose a reasonable method for processing.

    The expansion information:
    The items for maintenance:

    1. Do not wear jewelry when exercising or doing heavy work, so as not to touch and wear.
    2. Do not place various jewelry in the same drawer and jewelry boxes at will. Because various gems and metal hardness are different, it will cause loss due to rubbing each other.
    3, the necklace that is often worn should be checked once a month to see if there is a wear or inlaid phenomenon, and then remedy it.
    4, the necklace is the same as other jewelry. As long as the oil and sweat acid secreted by the human body will lose light, so the economic wearing jewelry should be cleaned once a week.
    5, white spots or whiteness will appear after the jewelry contact. Do not scrape or sandpaper with a small knife. As long as the jewelry is baked in the fire, and then wipe it with a soft cloth, the gold jewelry will restore the original luster.
    6. When wearing a necklace, it should also be maintained in response to the buckle switch, and regularly drops a little sewing oil to the switch to prevent the micro spring in the switch rust.
    Reference information Source: Baidu Encyclopedia-Jewelry

  2. 18K gold, 24K gold, thousands of gold, platinum, titanium steel, and pure flavonoid jewelry will not fade.
    1, 18K gold are alloys with a gold content of at least 75%, that is, alloys with a gold content of 18/24, and the remaining 25%are other precious metals, including platinum, nickel, silver, and gold. 18K gold is a kind of gold jewelry with low cost and more comfortable wearing.
    2, K gold calculation method is to divide pure gold into 24 copies, 24k gold is foot gold, but in reality, it is impossible to have 100%gold. Therefore Known as 24K gold.
    3, the gold content is not less than 999. The mark is thousands of gold, 999 gold, GOLD999 or G999. The mark of gold jewelry includes manufacturers' code, materials and purity, such as: X Gold 990, XAU990, X Foot Gold, etc.
    4, platinum is platinum, referred to as PT, is a natural pure white precious metal, and it is never faded. It is a alloy mixed with 75%of gold and other metals, but it is white on the surface. To be precise, it should be called white K gold. Because it has a golden ingredient, it is not difficult to understand that the white K gold will fade yellow after a long time.

    5, titanium steel jewelry will not fade. If it is not in a strong acid environment, special maintenance is not needed. It has good corrosion resistance and bright appearance. It has no titanium in its ingredients and is cheap.
    6, the jewelry of pure flavonoids will not fade, but sweating in summer can rust the surface of the flavonoids and produce green rust.
    The expansion information:

    The darkened silver decoration is due to the chemical response of sulfur and sulfur in silver and air into black silver sulfide.
    Therefore, silver jewelry cannot be in contact with perfume, smell, bastard, sulfur soap, and sweat and acid town gas.
    It to restore the luster of the silver jewelry, the following methods can be used:
    The wipe with cotton dipped in white vinegar, black silver sulfide is dissolved in the ester acid, and the silver jewelry is once again shiny.

  3. In fact, no matter what material it is, it will fall into color and turn black. It just depends on how you are maintained. You ca n’t take a bath, you ca n’t bring it when you are easy to sweat. You ca n’t put it in water with laundry powder

  4. The composition of rose gold is: pure gold copper silver/zinc. Because of its moderate synthesis ratio, it has the characteristics of strong ductility, high hardness, and variable color. At the same time, it integrates 25%of other metals. It has high hardness, is not easy to deform or scratch, and will not easily fade! The jewelry made of rose gold is beautiful and fashionable. Essence Essence There are also platinum -made necklaces, and the color loss phenomenon will not appear, and Platinum personally feels more noble. It depends on personal taste choices.

  5. There is no silver without cleaning! You will lose your color, you buy electroplated silver or some jewelry! Is it normal for silver to turn black and yellow? As the saying goes, the sterling silver can be expelled from wind and poison! If you still want to buy sterling silver, you can go to a big supermarket or a specialty store? Those are more pure!

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