5 thoughts on “What should I do if I buy fake gold jewelry”

  1. The certificate is only responsible for the sample. The product coding is that the internal logo cannot find normal
    The general precious metal jewelry labeling material, gold content, template number, the ring has diameter
    The national precious metal names have no thousands of sufficient money, thousands of sufficient gold, and thousands of gold. Generally use AU999 or 24K to identify
    Is to ask for invoices to see the invoice name
    The weekend stop, the transaction price on October 18, 2014 to about 243.5 yuan, gold jewelry of about 283 yuan, invested 250 yuan, recycling, recycling At 235 yuan, the recovery price of pawn bank is only 210 yuan. Investment needs to be cautious in risk. If you need to query the detailed brand price, you can follow up and verify; Despise advertisements, despise some helping administrators

  2. Pay content for time limit to check for freenAnswer to hold your invoice and jewelry to the Golden Store, ask for compensation. If you do not accept it, you can go to the Consumer Association to complainnDear, I wish you a happy life! IntersectionnQuestion I bought a golden bracelet for half a year at another counter and suddenly found that the bracelet was not right. The invoice reads 34 actually only 20g, there is no logo, only 999. Go to the original merchant and do not admit that this is something in their shopnAt that time, there was no test or weighing. Now I am full of mouth and I ca n’t say that they do n’t admit that I bought a bracelet without LOGO. I have insufficient evidence.nYou can report the invoice to the answer. If you do n’t even have an invoice, you can only consider yourself unluckynSpend money to buy a lessonn4 morenBleak

  3. Buy gold jewelry and buy fake? These tricks quickly identify gold, simple and practical, it is really amazing

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