5 thoughts on “What wonderful or impressive gifts do you receive when you order takeaway or go to a restaurant?”

  1. I went to the restaurant for dinner, ordered a dozen dishes. The boss might feel that I ordered a lot of dishes, so I gave one. I told me the name was Qinglong lying snow before serving. I still feel very tall. As a result Remember your lifetime.

  2. Order takeaway in a restaurant. After ordering it, I write more dolls in the remarks. The takeaway brother is delivered to open it. There are two dolls on the outside, with two words of gifts. OMG, memory is still fresh!

  3. On a rainy day, a takeaway was booked and said to the message: The road is slippery, and the brother pays attention to safety. As a result, my brother gave me at least half a pound of fries in the big fries, and I was crying for me.

  4. Going to dinner with buddies, it was Tanabata that day. As a result, the boss gave every customer who came to the shop to eat a rose. After eating, he walked on the street with a rose. It felt like everyone looked at our eyes.

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