4 thoughts on “Where is Chengdu home accessories wholesale market?”

  1. ---At the flower market downstairs of the lotus pond complex in Chengdu, you can find everything (dead flowers, paintings, wall clocks, porcelain, crystal stone ashtrays, cloth dolls, newspaper baskets, sofa pillows, crystal ornaments, etc.). There are shops facing the street. Across the street are the Bank of communications, agricultural Bank of China and China Post. There are also many on the third floor, mainly craft paintings and handicrafts
    --- catch the bus No. 34, 54, 27, 99, 57 and get off at the lotus pond station. Get off and walk to the lotus pond to ask the backpackers (porters). They say you want to go to the flower market of the complex building
    --- there are many people in the lotus pond. Please pay attention to your wallet Be careful
    --- have a nice shopping!

  2. 1. Floor and paint: Fuhe wholesale market in the second section of the Second Ring Road North
    2. Wallpaper and flower decoration: Taisheng North Road
    3. Furniture: fumeisen furniture market on the Third Ring Road, Bayi Furniture City, the terminal of No. 1 bus, the intersection of Shuncheng Street and xiyulong street, and Yongling road
    4. Lighting: Jinfu market inside the third ring road
    5. Ceramic tiles: Jiefang Road and Fuhe market.

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