1 thought on “Where is the Emerald Wholesale Market in Sihui City?”

  1. Consultation record ยท Answer on 2021-10-30nWhere is the Emerald Wholesale Market in Sihui City? Hello, I am glad to solve the problem for you. Sihui City's Emerald Wholesale Market, No. 1 in Zhaoqing, Guangdong, 6 in Sihui Avenue, Sihui City, Zhaoqing City, Guangdong Province. The fourth meeting is the largest emerald processing base in China. Sihui jade is the main product with low -grade products, with emerald pendants, emerald ornaments and emerald round beads. Due to the low price, Sihui has already won the favor of the national emerald operators. Second, jadeite is also known as emerald jade, green jade, and Burmese jade, which is a kind of jade. The correct definition of emerald is a fibrous set composed of pyloric minerals mainly based on lithium -jade minerals. But emerald is not equal to ligament. Emerald is formed under the action of geological action to reach the jade -grade stone polycrystalline collection. It is mainly composed of cashmere or sapphire and sodium (sodium chromatoplastin) and sodium and liquid pyroxyl (green pyloric), which can contain corner flashing Stone, long stone, chromium iron ore, brown iron ore, etc. Hope my answer is helpful to you

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