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  1. There is a Jinli tourist spot next to Wuhou Temple, with snack streets, bars, commercial streets,
    and tourism commercial streets on Furong Road. Go to see it, the best tour guide explanation, this great project is worthy of one go.
    The Chengdu giant panda breeding base is also good. You can contact the national treasure intimately (of course, this is to pay huge amounts)
    There are also Qingcheng Mountain. You can also go shopping. There are words: Emei World Show, Qingcheng World You
    Cangcheng Charm General Review List, 6.1 Playing in the 50s of Chengdu to issue medals and honorary certificates. The units of the list are the most attractive historical and cultural scenic spots: Du Fu Caotang, Wuhou Temple, Qingcheng Mountain, Dujiangyan, Qingyang Palace, Wenshuyuan; the most attractive natural scenic spots: Xiling Snow Mountain National Scenic Area, National Key Scenic Area Tiantai Mountain and Shixiang Lake Ecological Scenic Area; the most attractive characteristic streets: Chunxi Road, Qintai Road, Luobao Town Old Street, Qiwenjun Ancient Street, Shuangliu Hongmin Food City, Binhe Road, Dujiangyan City; Charming teahouses / cafes: Shunxing Old Tea House, Shaanxi Club Tea House, Liangmuyuan, Sanyi Museum; the most attractive shopping venues: Chengdu Gome, Chengdu Suning, Chengdu Ito Yang Huatang, Chengdu, Chengdu, Chengdu, Chengdu, Chengdu, Chengdu, Chengdu, Chengdu Tai Baichunxi New Museum; the most attractive fitness place: Sichuan International Golf Club, Longquan Sunshine Sports City, Champions Night, Chengdu Chess Garden, Haosha Jian and Beauty Fitness Club, Chengdu Wuhou District Cultural and Sports Activity Center, Jindu Australia, 6250 Club; the most attractive leisure place: Chengdu David Camp International Club, Chengdu Beison Leisure Sports Plaza, Hailan Yuntian, Chengdu leisure house, Chengdu Hongqiao Health Care, He Rijun Hot Spring; Resort / Farmhouse: Qingcheng Mountain Hexiang Villa, Nanwan, Jiufeng Mountain Villa, Yinrong Garden Ecological Leisure Center, Qingcheng Mountain Wuli Changshou Resort, Yongya Mountain House; the most attractive entertainment venues: Single Road Club, Tiansan Village Gecheng, Dujiangyan, Summer Night Beer Festival Drinking Area and Hutang Garden; the most trusted travel agency: Sichuan Kanghui International Travel Service Co., Ltd., Chengdu China Travel Service Co., Ltd..
    The Sichuan Science and Technology Museum, the address is No. 16, section No. 16, section of Renmin Middle Road, Chengdu, Sichuan Province (formerly Sichuan Exhibition Hall)
    "Music House" Bar is located on the 3rd floor of Yulin Life Plaza, No. 15 Yulin South Road, Chengdu
    The following are attractions in the urban area. You can refer to
    This Museum of Wuhou Temple in Chengdu:
    The cultural sacred land well -known at home and abroad. It is located in Chengdu District. It is the most prestigious Zhuge Liang, Liu Bei commemorative land and the only monarchy to worship the temple in the country. The Wuhou Temple was built in 223 AD. It is mainly composed of the three most of the Huiling, Hanzhao Lie Temple and Wuhou Temple. It is the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units.
    Mufu Cottage Museum of Chengdu:
    The old site of the old house of Du Fu, a poet of the Tang Dynasty, is located in Chengdu City. It is a famous garden with poetic and painting and bamboo forest scenery. The poet Du Fu moved to Chengdu in 759 AD. It lasted for 3 years and 9 months. He wrote more than 240 poems here. His famous articles "Hutchs are broken by autumn wind" are the cottage. The main buildings include Dazhen, Shishi Hall, Chaimen, Ministry of Industry Temple, Shaoling Caotang, etc. The structure of the building structure is compact and echoing each other. There are more than 30,000 copies of various historical materials and more than 2,000 cultural relics in the Caotang Museum. Du Fu Caotang is the first batch of national key cultural relics protection units.
    In Chengdu Yongling Museum:
    is the tomb of Emperor Shu (AD 847-918) before the Five Dynasties. It is located in Chengdu City and excavated in 1942. The important cultural relics unearthed include Baiyu Pukao, Ai Book, Jade Belt, Jade Cup, Yin Wan, Iron Pig and Iron Cow. It is a valuable information for studying the political, economic, and cultural during the Five Dynasties. The green trees are lined with flowers, the flowers are fragrant, and the environment is quiet. It is a national key cultural relics protection unit.
    The Sands Site:
    The Jinsha site, known as the first major archeological discovery of China in the 21st century, is located on the Qingyang Avenue of the western suburbs of Chengdu. It was rated as the top ten new archeological discoveries in the country in 2001. The site represents the splendid ancient Shu culture more than 3,000 years ago. Among the more than 3,000 cultural relics unearthed, most of them are exquisite craftsmanship and emerald jewelry and emerald jewelry, as well as a large number of funeral pottery, ivory, turtle shells and antlers. The lifelike stone carvings sculpture is unique and unique. The culture of this site is in the same vein with the near -time Guanghan Sanxingdui site culture, which is connected before and after. It is another major achievement in the history of Chinese archeology. It is a national key cultural relics protection unit.
    The ancient ship coffin site:
    is located in the ancient ship coffin site located in the commercial street of Chengdu. It was excavated in July 2000. It has a history of more than 2,500 years. The shape of the ship is the highest in the country. The cultural relics unearthed at the same time are made exquisite funeral pottery. The site is a national key cultural relics protection unit.
    one of the "four major jungles" in western Sichuan in the Qing Dynasty. The predecessor was the "Miaoyuan Tower" of the Tang Dynasty. There are more than 500 celebrities and calligraphy since the Tang and Song dynasties, more than 120,000 copies of various scriptures, as well as real treasures such as inscriptions, carvings, and embroidery since the Han Dynasty.
    Qingyang Palace:
    one of the famous Taoist palace views in the country. Located in Chengdu, it was built in the Tang Dynasty and the existing palace was built in the Qing Dynasty. The main buildings include Lingzu Hall, Mixed Yuan Hall, Bagua Pavilion, Wuji Temple (that is, Sanqing Hall), Doumian Temple, Tang Wang Temple, Chai Jingtai, etc. The cultural relics in the palace are rich in cultural relics and the environment is unique and unique. It is an important place for studying ancient culture and Taoism culture in my country. National key units.

  2. Ha ha ha
    It if you like quiet
    , go to the farmhouse around Chengdu, which is very rustic. Such as Happiness Merlin, San Shengxiang.
    It if you like fashion shopping, go to Chunxi Road. There are many beautiful Chengdu girls there.
    It those who like to win the monuments, you can go to Dufu Cottage, Jinsha site.
    This is the Happy Valley mentioned above. Essence
    I I wish you happy
    . Chengdu Jinli: In the west of the city, Gao Shengqiao, next to Wuhou Temple, it is an antique walking street. There are many delicious foods in it And antique buildings, as well as Sichuan opera ~
    . Chengdu Guoxiang Tianxiang Amusement Park: Doing 904 bus directly to the amusement park at Xinnanmen Bus Station (next to) is the largest playground company in South Korea. There are many European and Japanese -style buildings, which are very beautiful, and there are the largest and largest playgrounds in Chengdu. Recommended!
    . Chengdu Luodi Ancient Town: It is located in Longquanyi District, Chengdu. There is a special car in Wuguiqiao Bus Station. The ancient town of Luodi is a real Hakka ancient town. The sad jelly inside is very famous, which will make you feel spicy and sad.
    : Chengdu Zhaojue Temple: Chengdu's famous ancient temple, located at Zhaoxue Temple Bus Station in Chengdu, must go to Chengdu to worship and keep friends and family!
    : Chengdu Chunxi Road: I don't need to say this, you must go shopping when you come to Chengdu. There must be a lot of gains! Especially the women's streets in Yanshukou, Thailand Clothing Wholesale City and New Center Shopping. The things in it are cute and affordable. It is a must -visit in Chengdu's little women!
    If there is a place where there is accommodation, 500 yuan should be played for 5 days!
    If accommodation, it is enough for 3 days!
    Is happy!

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