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  1. Nanjing Baoqing Jewelry Corporation is the National Light Industry Federation and
    professional factory, national second -level enterprise for the designated domestic and foreign gold and silver jewelry. Its predecessor, "Baoqing
    silver building", was built during the Jiaqing period of the Qing Dynasty. It has a history of near
    200. Famous at home and abroad.

    The 1027 employees of the head office, various professional and technical persons
    97 members, with 91.32 million yuan in assets, 50
    (set) of the main equipment, the enterprise occupied the area It has an area of ​​2566 square meters and built
    1,400 square meters, has the ability to produce 4,000 kg of gold jewelry, is the largest and most complete manufacturers in the country in the country. , 10 branches, 1 silver building, and 1 testing center, formed a comprehensive company that combines the production of gold and silver jewelry as the core and also operating construction decoration engineering, crafts, tourism trade, commercial and residential, catering, and entertainment.

    The main products of Baoqing Jewelry Corporation are Baoqing brand gold and silver jewelry and treasure
    Qing brand gold and silver ornaments. The favor of guests and friends inside and outside. In addition to domestic sales, it is mainly sold to Twenty -one countries and regions including Southeast Asia, Japan
    , Western Europe, the Middle East, and the United States.
    The gold, silver awards, and provincial and municipal brand -name products, provincial and municipal famous merchants

    In recent years, enterprises are market -oriented in the conversion of business mechanisms.
    The brand -name products as the leader, driving the tertiary industry, the economic benefits presentation
    has greatly improved. In 1997, the total industrial output value was 95 million yuan, sales revenue
    106 million, and the profit tax was 10.32 million. The comprehensive strength of the enterprise ranks at the top of the nation's jewelry industry, and the total retail sales, daily sales, and store processing volume have been maintained as the first in the country.

    In order to accelerate the development of the enterprise and give full play to the advantages of intensive, large -scale, and operating, the head office set up Bao
    Qing Group to improve the enterprise group's economic union to improve the enterprise in China in China in China The competitiveness of foreign markets, accelerate the economic increase
    , and strengthen corporate strength.

    The corporate credit level AAA level.

    In company name: Nanjing Baoqing Jewelry Corporation
    -unit Address: No. 107 Taiping South Road, Nanjing City, Jiangsu Province
    Postcoding: 210002
    Tel: 86-25-84509999
    Fax: 86-25-84529990
    electronic mailbox: [email protected]

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