4 thoughts on “Where is the scenic area that can be taken away for tourists to open the golden rush river?

  1. The "local tyrant" scenic spot in Shandong Province can open the golden rush river to tourists. Want money. If you can make money while traveling, it will be so wonderful. And this is not impossible, such as hotel experienceists, or writing travel notes to travel websites, and now popular live broadcast hiking tourism and rewarding, etc., can be made by traveling while traveling. In addition, there is a simpler way to make money to make money, that is, the "benefits" of some scenic spots.
    The famous scenic spot in North America is called "Diamond Pit State Park". This park is not very large, only about 15 hectares. Plow into a dark brown land. Because there are many natural diamonds buried in this land, tourists can dig it by themselves, and they can be taken away by themselves. Why do this park have so many diamonds? That's because the predecessor of the park was originally a diamond pit!
    Perhaps you think this is just a gimmick in the scenic area. How can a good thing falling off the pie day, diamonds must have been dug up. If you think so, it will be wrong, because the park has been found and taken away by tourists in the past 28 years since the park opened for 28 years, and more than 700 of them have exceeded 1 carat. Unfortunately, this "local tyrant" diamond pit park is abroad, but we don't have to envy it, because there are similar scenic spots in China, and it is in Zhaoyuan City, Shandong Province.
    The Zhaoyuan City in Shandong also has a "local tyrant" scenic spot. Although it cannot be diged in diamonds, it can be found in gold. This "local tyrant" scenic spot that can be rushed into the golden sand is called "Golden Town". It is located under the Mao Gong Mountain in the Golden Cultural Tourism Zone of Zhaoyuan, with an area of ​​100 acres. From the perspective of the overall appearance of the scenic area, it is a small town of the Song Dynasty. The ancient yellow walls of the antique tile houses, the dark top of the tile, and the antique feelings.
    The town also includes darts, yamen, wine shops, cloth Zhuang, tea tower, station, etc., which is the epitome of the town town in the Song Dynasty. When you are walking, from time to time, there are younger brothers and sisters in the Song Dynasty costumes passing by, and you will be lost in the staggered time and space. Of course, the ultimate goal of tourists' tourism is not to see the ancient city, but for gold rushing. Just because there is a golden rush rush to tourists in the golden town, investors in the scenic area will dump the golden sand worth 200,000 yuan every month for tourists to experience the joy of gold rush.
    The tourism projects of this golden sand are suitable for adults and children. Tourists used shovel to shovel the sand in the river into the sieve, then shaken in the water to use water to wash out most of the sand soil, and then look for gold from the small part of the precipitated part. For those who have not experienced it, they will feel very novel and fun, especially when they gain something, they will be quite excited and fulfilling. And it is not simply fun, you can take away the gold you can get away.
    Perhaps some people will question that the scenic area will invest 200,000 yuan a month, and it will be more than two million yuan a year. Is it too losing? In fact, the passenger flow attracted by this gimmick is enough to make up for the loss. In addition, the investors in the scenic spot want to create a golden cultural tourist attraction, because the investor itself is a large gold mining group. In addition, why the scenic area is located in Zhaoyuan Luoshan because Luoshan is known as "China's No. 1 Jinshan" and contains a huge amount of gold ore. It has a very splendid golden culture for thousands of years. In this way, the existence of the "Gold Rush Town" scenic spot is of great significance, and the investment of those golden sand is also worthy of value.

  2. This scenic area is in Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province, my country. Here you can buy gold, and this town is famous for gold. How much gold can be taken away here. So if there are people who are interested in this matter, set off to the golden town of Shandong Province now.

  3. Zhaoyuan, Shandong Province, there is a scenic spot called gold rush town. Visitors come here to buy gold. The scenic spot dumped the golden sand worth 200,000 yuan every month, allowing tourists to experience the fun of gold rush.

  4. This is called "Gold Rush Town" in the "local tyrant" scenic spot of golden sand. It is located under the Mao Gong Mountain of Golden Culture Tourism in Zhaoyuan Luoshan, with an area of ​​100 acres. From the overall appearance of the scenic area, it is a small Song Dynasty town. Noodles, black tiles, and antique feelings.

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