4 thoughts on “Where is the wholesale market in Yiwu? I want to open a two -yuan store. Any kind of good netizens are troublesome to tell me”

  1. The address of Yiwu Small Commodity Wholesale Market is:
    It Yiwu small commodity wholesale market is mainly concentrated in the International Trade City, with a total of 28 categories of goods, mainly including clothing (including tie and socks, etc.), accessories, toys, small hardware, zipper and clothing, and clothing and clothing. Accessories, interior supplies, home appliances, shoes, crafts and cosmetics.
    If traffic: Railway station, there are bus 801 to the International Trade City, about 30-40 minutes, and the fare is 1.5 yuan. There are free ring bus in the business city: 1 Road and 2.
    It in which city you are, if you are outside, it is not recommended to be on the spot from the beginning.
    Igly, you can find the supplier through the online platform of Yiwu International Trade City, and then contact it online. After the situation is clear, I still feel that it is necessary to go again. This is targeted.

  2. Traditional business is not easy to do. This is a fact, but the poor do things, the rich do the city, and the businessman do the momentum [trend]
    The computer also turns the earth into a global village. The network economy will lead the development of the future era. Think about it?
    Baidu Lanyu, she is very good at network operation!

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