5 thoughts on “Why are the prices of gold different?”

  1. Gold can be said to be the most expensive thing in the world, and most people buy gold mainly values ​​gold with collective value. Although the price of international gold is very fixed, the price of gold in each place is different in our country.
    The reasons for the difference in gold prices in various parts of the country are economic differences between cities and cities. And some cities are relatively cheap to make gold in cities, while some cities make gold, and the price is relatively expensive. This has led to different gold prices in each area. And even the same brand, if there is a place where the gold jewelry processing plant, its gold price will be relatively cheap, but if there is no gold processing plant in his city, his price will be relatively expensive.
    Fhow the price of gold is so expensive, because most of the brand gold will come up with some funds in the early stage to advertise, so they will set the gold price slightly higher to earn advertisements to earn advertisements cost of. But compared to those small brands, they did not take funds to advertise, so their gold prices would be relatively cheap. Therefore, the price of gold has a certain relationship with the brand.
    The final processing order of gold is relatively complicated. Often, the production of a gold jewelry consumes a lot of manpower and financial resources. The made of gold jewelry, he needs to make a complicated production process to make exquisite gold jewelry, and different gold processing plants determine the perfect level of gold jewelry. Some factories with high quality of gold jewelry will be relatively expensive. Therefore, when the golden stores formulate gold prices, they must first consider the cost of buying gold jewelry, and then they will be sold at the cost price of gold jewelry. In this way, because the gold jewelry processing factories in each place are different, the prices of gold are also different.

  2. The price of gold jewelry is related to craftsmanship. The same gold content, such as 999 thousands of gold, the unit price is different in each brand. If the manual fee is added, the price is different. In fact, the style and workmanship of each brand are different. In addition, the gold content of the jewelry is the golden amount used in production, not the golden ratio at the time of purchase, because pure gold is easy to wear, and it will be greatly consumed in production.

  3. The price of gold is different in various places, mainly linked to the local economy. In first -tier cities, such places are particularly expensive, super difficult to buy.

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