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  1. Red tea Tianxiang Chinese network, youth campus novel ~

    a hooligan loved me.
    a story that touched tens of millions of netizens and reprinted countless stories.
    a TV play that is expected to surpass "never sleep in eyes".
    a novel strongly recommended by more than 20 popular writers

    --------- from now on, the serial sequel "not enough time to love you well" --

    note: a rogue loved me (II): "not enough time to love you well"

    I don't believe it "
    A woman with a value of more than 100 million put a curse on her before the operation...
    foreign enterprises, things between me and the Japanese in the past 10 years
    the contest of justice and conspiracy, The entanglement between money and love, the game between strength and weakness

    [workplace] Japanese enterprise for ten years: I divorced Japanese business women

    [youth] without stories. Note that

    playing Prince college
    a girl with peerless martial arts was coerced by her fiance's family and was forced to dress as a man and transfer to lanlos first men's noble college. The first time I entered the school, I brought a slipper with me. My childhood sweetheart, Tianwang superstar Yayoi
    after entering the college, he fell in love with the assigned person because of the recklessness of his childhood sweetheart. In order to live a peaceful life in the college and to protect her childhood sweetheart from harm, the heroine worked hard and not only became the leader of several gangs in the college, but also won the favor of many outstanding teenagers
    there are seven families and seven fiancees. When the situation begins to get worse, many inexplicable and unprepared things fall down on the head of the heroine ruozhita like flowers in the sky. Father Ruo Lian's secret, strange spiritual skills, and dream like love. How will this girl, who is shining all over the world, choose her own future? Please look forward to it

    noble young masters, please be careful
    "the king" is the most ideal noble college in the eyes of rich people all over the world. That's why such a super college has admitted an ordinary girl with nothing to do?! Because a reluctant blind date attracted the attention of Qian Yunchen, one of the kings of the "King" noble college, he forced Gong Ruoxi to transfer to the "King" noble College under inexplicable pretexts...

    falling in love with the domineering school director / little purple star
    he was her nemesis. From dying to destroying her reputation, nothing good would happen to him
    she hated him to the bone, but she forbeared everywhere, just because she could not be angry and angry...
    she only met such a nemesis because this year was a bad year
    she thought that she would be better after this year
    contrary to her wishes, he dropped a diamond ring and broke all her expectations. She asked Yuelao why she wanted to hold the red thread on her and his feet.

    it's not good to say no to cry (the friendship and love of four post-80s girls)
    this book is about the precious friendship of four girls with different personalities in a dormitory of a university in the ancient city of Jingzhou, And their different love experiences. The four girls who were full of yearning and longing for love found that the most valuable thing was the friendship between them after experiencing their bitter emotional experiences. They agreed that they would not cry for love again. However, the giant wheel of fate always changed their position again and again. Life is like a drama. Can we really never cry again

    in this book, there are many detailed descriptions of the humanities, history and scenery of the ancient city of Jingzhou. In addition, the clue protagonist of this book has traveled through Shenzhen and Guangzhou for love and connected these cities with his own footprints. I believe that the hardships of life and the bitterness of love will surely bring you a lot of resonance as a post-80s generation.

  2. 23 Angel Street
    there will be angels to love you for me.
    devil's law
    devil's twelve changes
    mingruoxiao River
    summer of foam
    fire is like a brother
    beautiful men are around.
    the girl friend of the young master's school flower
    the No. 99 angel of the underworld Prince
    devil's army
    The Adventures of the wallflower little sister
    the fifth generation handsome boy
    charming school transfer student
    angels never leave.
    left ear
    the prank of the five demons
    my handsome and cool boyfriend
    Infatuated with the kiss of the prince
    the kiss of the devil
    the cold-blooded Princess PK the prince of the iceberg
    my extreme boyfriend
    obeys: Your Highness the prince
    the eternal covenant
    er, these are all my favorites. I hope you will like them!!!!!

  3. Love the evil and evil Princess [underworld campus] author: three mm xiaoshuxin had to go to the world noble school because they were assigned a task: Yi Jingtong - Mei, the first killer of Lengmei Pavilion, the heir of Lengmei. His unique skill is an amber whip and can fly multiple poison darts with one swing; Yun Jiaxue - Yu, the second killer of Lengmei Pavilion, is the left protector of Lengmei Pavilion. His unique skill is a prayer bead in the night. When he recites a spell, he can make the other person's life worse than death; The rain is sweet and dark, and Leng Mei is your right Dharma protector. His unique skill is a coral colored pistol that can shoot countless poisonous needles

    lemon fragrance of youth [Qingqing campus] author: shuiyouran [ambiguous season · candy] product: in front of the Royal and noble College of Asia...

    "hum! Please, Grandpa, how could he think that he would let the three of us go to school in this kindergarten like place"

    "going to school? It's a waste of our ability!" "I'm probably itching!" Who are they? Three top-notch geniuses with an IQ as high as 290, who are as strange and unpredictable as heaven. The three of them are the behind the scenes bosses of the world's richest company. They can't stand grandpa's nagging and come here to see...

    double puppet: Blood teddy bear [thousand knot] author: thousand dances ゆうれいいいれいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいゆううれいいい, He held out his right hand wrapped in pure white gloves to her, either to take it in, or to use it... In his arms, the teddy bear doll stained red with blood, the pair of dull brown eyes, which were covered by the darkness... Maybe... It was crying... Young...

    the devil girl of the Black Angel [Qingqing campus] author: Sara Nuo [reading this article is bound to smile]

    he is the dark angel Satan in her mind

    he is the gentle angel in her mind

    she is a little cute, a little righteous, and a little reserved

    what? She threw a contract worth 50 million into the shredder?! Helpless, Minnie girl signed a "secret agreement" with the black angel Satan

    will she be Minnie of the black angel or Sasha of the gentle angel? Let's see how the little girl makes trouble in the world

    amnesia angel of twin demons [thousands of heart knot] author: Devil 0: the gate of angel heaven has been gradually opened, and the gorgeous music rings through the sky. The devil watched the angel go away and told her to remember our agreement, but... The angel did not keep the promise, forgot, forgot... Everything was forgotten... Was it forced or willingly? When the angel and the devil meet again, the angel's forgetfulness makes the devil sad... On the way to recall, I found that there was more than one person who had an agreement with me?! It's a twin! After all, she should have gone from...

    the story of the hunting of the blond girl [Qingqing campus] author: night ★ Yingfei irerui, a rich girl, ran away from home because of her quarrel with her family. From a noble and beautiful rich girl to a poor and ugly poor girl, she was bullied, but she also found her true love...

    Yi lingxun, a young flower, Ling Yu, and one of the three young masters, Following the principle that a friend's wife should not be bullied, just for her happiness...

    AI Yu, a young man adopted by AI's family, the future heir of AI's family is modest to her future husband, and Ling Yu is old...

    the author of the two dimensional dream [anime companion]: the wind shadow cat Wang Wang and the dog night fork are in their world, with a little sadness in their laughter. How will she spend her dream? What is the end of the dream?? Please look forward to it

    angel, please say you love me loudly [thousands of heart knot] author: ★ eggthe gear of fate is rotating, and the car accident takes away my memory. Originally, life was complicated enough, but their appearance made my life more complicated. There are a lot of trouble events, but I'm lucky! He, he, he, he, all love me deeply. However, how can my little heart bear the heavy love? When my memory wakes up, do I still love him? In the choice of love, who is my love? Or are they not

    the gold medallion gangsters of the double gold [Qingqing campus] author: Qianwu ゆうれいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいいい. She had no father or mother since she was young. She thought that she would live in Caesar's school while performing. One day, she was disturbed by a young man with long silver gray hair. Well, he's a demon, he's handsome, he's so handsome that ghosts and gods cry together! "What? You've worked so hard to get me here to pretend to be that Shangguan Mo?" Wait, i...

    the fairy tale of the merry go round [anime friends] author: love Xiaoya's fairy tale is so beautiful. Maybe we all thought that fairy tales would never come true. But we are wrong, life will be like a fairy tale. As long as we don't give up hope and dreams, fairy tales can come true.

  4. I warmly recommend "please open my mask" to you. Have a good look. If you don't like it, you can also watch "pet Princess". It's OK. It's very good to see "contract daughter under age"

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    ten year old mm stays

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