Zhengzhou has the largest, most complete and cheapest toy wholesale

I want to open a toy wholesale shop. I don't know where it's most cost-effective to buy goods. Tell me if you know. Thank you

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  1. Zhongxiang toy wholesaler is adjacent to the largest toy wholesale market in the Central Plains, with convenient transportation and abundant supplies. The bank provides a large number of toy samples, toy inventory, toy tail goods, Jin scale toys and genuine toys. The quality is the same as that of the genuine ones, and the price is 30% - 50% of the factory price of the genuine ones. The styles and types are rich and varied. For toy wholesalers, toy stores, supermarkets or toy counters, daily-use Department stores, shopping malls, children's toy supplies stores, school entrance kiosks and ground stalls in the wholesale markets of prefectural cities and counties, There are strong competitive advantages of products in such channels as the fair
    the toys provided by the bank can be broadly divided into 13 categories: remote control, electric, Barbie doll, return inertia car, plastic, beach, puzzle, sports, jewelry, animation model, film, box, and mixed. Each category includes categories.
    remote control toys include four-way remote control vehicles, two-way remote control vehicles Mini remote control car and cartoon remote control
    electric toys: electric cars, rail cars, electric models, mini electronic organs, light sticks, mobile phone models, etc.
    Barbie dolls: mainly boxed Barbie, small Barbie and Barbie dolls equipped with OPP Bags.
    return inertia cars: return inertia cars, inertia cars, P-shaped cover cars, boxed cars, film cars, and cable cars.
    swords and miscellaneous types: plastic knives and swords, including the types of light generation.
    beach miscellaneous types: Beach models Beach tools, beach carts, pull toys
    puzzle miscellaneous categories: Rubik's cube, chess and cards, puzzle, transformers, fishing and many other types
    Sports miscellaneous categories: various balls, sandbags, clubs, targets, equipment models and many other types of accessories miscellaneous categories: headwear, earrings, hand ornaments, foot ornaments, silk scarves and many other types Children's shooting toys, accessories, maps
    boxed miscellaneous types: Doll models, accessories, Barbie clothes, cars, and puzzle types, with a large variety of miscellaneous types
    mixed miscellaneous types: the collection of all toys
    animation model types: Superman, Batman, spider man, Altman, big soldier, happy ocean series, etc

  2. There is a professional wholesale toy market in the west of Dongfanghong road at the underground crossing. If you walk 20 meters to the south, there are many toys in the small commodity city
    there are toys in zone B, the third floor of century Dehua, Erqi square, Zhengzhou. There are many kinds of toys, and the price is OK

  3. Zhengzhou one plus one catty toy wholesale, more in line with your requirements... Super supply, complete style, price friendly, according to the catty of children's toy wholesale, more cost-effective

    weighing toys V letter

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