2 thoughts on “Zhou Shengsheng diamond ring mark: 750 Zhou Shengsheng 0.25ct”

  1. 750 refers to 18K gold, the price is about 184, one gram

    is 25 points, 1 carat = 100 points = 0.2 grams, 25 points of diamonds can have a certain value -preserving effect while decorating the decoration while decorating the decoration. It's right. However, the price of diamonds is determined by the 4C standard. If the landlord wants to estimate the diamond, it must also provide data, clarity and cutting data.

    Is how much this is Zhou Shengsheng. It is recommended to go to the Internet to see it better. After all, they know how much they sell.

  2. Go to Zhou Shengsheng's online store and look at the pictures inside, but there is the price of Hong Kong, and a little tariff should be added appropriately.

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